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It is Divisional Weekend and I went 1-3 over the Wildcard Weekend.  My NFL predictions are paying me back for the 3-3 start I had last year.  Three road teams won!  I was a field goal away in three games from going 4-0 but I will explain that later.  I wish I could say a trend is emerging but the games had only some minor insights unlike the typical trends in the past.

Wild Card Means Wild Games

The first Saturday game saw the Houston Texans at home hosting the Indianapolis Colts.  Who saw the struggling performance by the Houston Texans at home?  I only got that one correct.  Andrew Luck put up a performance as did the Offensive Line, Defense, Running Game, making the Indianapolis Colts a dangerous team.

The second game was very entertaining as Dallas defended the run against Seattle brilliantly and a 14 point 4th Quarter enabled Dallas to win by only 2 points as a Seattle touchdown with 1 minute and 18 seconds to go and a 2 point conversion was too little too late. There were brilliant throws by Russell Wilson and Dak Prescott.  I did not see this Dallas performance coming at all. Seattle could only throw the ball well and that was not enough.  Dallas threw the ball and ran the ball equally well.

The first Sunday game had the Los Angeles Chargers come into the house of the Baltimore Ravens and put on a clinic for the first 3 plus quarters.   How bad was the Baltimore offense?  I cannot tell if it was the three fumbles in the first quarter with one of them being lost or at one time in the game it was around 3:25 pm ET and a stat came up stating this is Baltimore’s first  1st down since 1:07 PM.  Hey, the game started at 1:00 PM!  A frenzied comeback attempted by Baltimore ended in another fumble.  Los Angeles looked great proving their 7-1 record on the road this year was no fluke.

The last game of the weekend had the Eagles heading to Soldier Field to take on the Bears.  Another low-scoring affair had this game all but wrapped up.  All that had to happen is a Cody Parkey 43 yard field goal with 5 seconds to go!  But after a timeout that saw Cody make the field goal, the resultant second attempt had Eagle player Treyvon Hester touch the kick and the ball hit the upright and then the cross bar.

What did we learn?

  • Andrew Luck is back.
  • San Diego can scheme on the road.
  • Dallas could be finding their stride.
  • Philadelphia is like a cat with nine lives! They lost one squeaking into the playoffs. After this game, they are down to 7!

That means we have to talk about this weekend.

Saturday’s Games

First up are the surging Indianapolis Colts at the Kansas City Chiefs.  I sense either brilliance from Patrick Mahomes or another scheme by the Indianapolis Colts.  The Colts run-run-run and throw-throw-throw so I see the latter and another road victory this playoff season for the Colts.

Next up, the Dallas Cowboys are at the Los Angeles Rams.  I think the LA Rams finally shake their playoff jitters and pull out a victory.  I must admit this is my most confusing game this weekend.  A complete toss up.  Who are the Dallas Cowboys?  The team that was shut out by Indianapolis on the road?  They are going on the road, right?

Sunday’s Games

The San Diego Chargers come to play the New England Patriots.  As long as the weather does not spoil the party, I see another upset in the making.  The Patriots are 11-5 this season.  All 5 of their losses came on the road but not all 5 teams they lost to did not get into the playoffs.  I think the Chargers and Indianapolis are currently the best teams in the AFC.  Look for a minor upset.  Note that the Patriots are 19-3 at home in the last 22 playoff games.  It’s just that.. those previous 22 teams just seemed to have more talent than this one.

The last game sees those feisty Philadelphia Eagles heading to the Big Easy to take on the New Orleans Saints.  On November 18th of 2018, the Saints defeated the Eagles 48-7.  Can it happen again?  Probably not, but the New Orleans Saints are just more talented and playing at home.  Look for the Saints to get the 7 remaining lives out of those crazy Philadelphia nine live cats.

Who You Got?

So this is the part of the article I try to pick the Super Bowl contestants.  Ironically I can see the Los Angeles Chargers taking on the New Orleans Saints for the whole enchilada this year.

But we shall only see.

Master D.

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