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The Divisional Weekend is upon us and I went 1-3 over the Wildcard Weekend. The games were all nail-biters. Three of the games were in a statistical tie with 30 seconds to play. The fourth game was a one-score differential. The home teams also went 1-3 which proves how close all of the teams were when you combine talent and those nerves. It was a very nervy weekend and there is much to talk about so let us get to it.

Wild Card Translates Into Parity

The first Saturday game saw the Houston Texans at home hosting the Buffalo Bills. If you went to get your nachos after kickoff, hopefully, it did not take longer than 4 minutes. Buffalo marched down and scored their only touchdown of the game in 4 freaking minutes. Three field goals later and it is 16-0 in the 3rd quarter. Easy win for Buffalo? Not! Houston woke up and scored 19 unanswered points. Then Buffalo marched down twice and came away with the tying field goal. Buffalo was on the verge of winning and they could not make a play to get into field goal range. But Houston Texan QB Deshaun Watson did make an amazing play avoiding a certain sack completing a pass resulting in a field goal in overtime securing the win for the Houston Texans. Both teams tried their hardest to lose this game. In the end, Buffalo tried harder.

The second game saw an immovable force in the form of RB Derrick Henry against the unstoppable object in the form of the New England defense. A winter storm named Henry was supposed to bring down rain and snow and stop the running game of RB Derrick Henry. But the forecasters were off and the storm passed 100 miles south of Foxboro. Derrick Henry took advantage running for 182 yards and a reception for 22 yards resulting in 204 yards from scrimmage. At least one Henry showed up to the party. Brady had only 209 yards and 0 TD passes. The Patriots had 1 more scoring drive to total 3 but 2 of those scoring drives ended in a field goal. The Tennessee Titans tried to win the game 14-13 and a pick 6 at the end secured a 20-13 victory. The score at halftime was 14 – 13 in favor of Tennessee. The score with 25 seconds to go was 14-13 in favor of Tennessee. Boy does the Patriots offense stink. I guess it stunk all year and the team went from a defensive stand in week 17 with 3 minutes to go for a bye week against the lowly Miami Dolphins to out of the playoffs in less than 7 days. Oh how the mighty have fallen. The Tennessee Titans are a dangerous team.

The first Sunday game had the Minnesota Vikings come into the Superdome and outplay the New Orleans Saints on their own home field. Drew Brees had 2 uncharacteristic turnovers (1 throwing and 1 fumble) but still saw the team drive down the field and tie the game to get it into overtime. Minnesota won the coin toss and marched down the field and scored a touchdown to win. For all of the New Orleans fans, I bring terrible news. It appears that Drew Brees has entered the back-9 of his career. And he was fantastic this year. While the window is closing on the New Orleans Saints the Minnesota Vikings played really well.  Another team that can run you off of the field with Dalvin Cook amassing 130 yards from scrimmage Minnesota has proven they can win on the road.

The last game of the weekend had the Philadelphia Eagles hosting the Seattle Seahawks. Early in the game, Eagle QB Carson Wentz went down with a head injury and that was the last Eagle injury of the season that broke the Eagle’s back. Though the game was close it never seemed that the Eagles were capable of scoring a touchdown. The backup QB was Josh McCown who retired from the NFL in June of 2019. He served admirably but could not get his body to cash the checks his mind was writing. At the age of 40 and out of the game he found his way back into the league and then the Wild Card playoffs for the Eagles.

What did we learn?

  • Deshaun Watson is an amazingly talented athlete.
  • The Tennessee Titans are a dangerous team.
  • The Minnesota Vikings can play on the road in the most hostile of environments.
  • The Seattle Seahawks need to be more balanced in their run game if they are to compete.
  • Bill Belichick does not believe in game theory.

That means we have to talk about this weekend.

Saturday’s Games

The first game on Saturday sees the unafraid Minnesota Vikings at the versatile San Francisco 49ers. The Minnesota Vikings are a balanced team. The San Francisco 49ers are a better-balanced team. Look for a San Francisco win.

Next up are the Tennessee Titans and Derrick Henry traveling to Baltimore Ravens and to deal with their talented QB Lamar Jackson. Lamar Jackson has to prove he can win in the playoffs and I say he struggles. Upset alert as the Titans run all over Baltimore.

Sunday’s Games

The Kansas City Chiefs host the Houston Texans. The Texans defeated the unhealthy Chiefs team on October 13th. But this time QB Patrick Mahomes slices and dices that Texan defense. Look for a Kansas City Chief victory. It could be a blowout.

The last game sees the Seattle Seahawks traveling to the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field to battle the surprising Green Bay Packers. Watch the temperature be cold. Watch the weather be snowy. Watch the Seahawks lose.

Who You Got?

So this is the article I try to pick the Super Bowl contestants. I can see the Kansas City Chiefs taking on the San Francisco 49ers for the big game.

But we shall only see.

Master D.

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