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It is football time again. Every time you think it is gone long enough it comes back and sneaks up on you. Kind of like Christmas in a way because you know it is coming and people are talking about it but before you know it the week before has arrived and you are drafting and freaking out and setting your lineup. Let us talk about my draft.

My draft went without a hitch. It was the quickest draft at 23 minutes and it was fun. All of it goes by in the blink of an eye. How do you draft? Just take the Top 200 points per reception (PPR) players from Fantasy Sharks, load them into the draft queue and go! Because I have a strong quarterback league, I went in this order – QB, WR,RB, WR, TE, WR, RB, K, RB, QB, DST, WR – and on and on. Once you get past the 12th round it is all a guessing game. But the games begin anew.

The NFL season begins this Thursday with the world champion Eagles of Philadelphia hosting the Atlanta Falcons. I am sure everyone will check in on it just to get that feeling. Thursday games are just not as popular but opening night usually is.

No. 5 out of 10

I had the fifth pick in the draft and the biggest decision in my league is what quarterback to take. Now in most leagues, the quarterback gets three points per touchdowns. In our league, the quarterback gets six points. In most leagues, it is a straight up 2-RB/2-WR/1-TE league. In our league we have one running back, one wide receiver and two flex positions. In addition, we are a points per reception league (PPR). That means offense offense offense! Big numbers are made week in and week out and a quarterback can and will save you, especially at the end of the year if their team is in the playoff hunt.

I had to decide between Aaron Rodgers or Deshaun Watson. I went with Deshaun Watson. I had him last year before his injury and he was statistically significant; let me see how it goes this year. This year the league took two quarterbacks and eight running backs in the first round. This was the first year we went with auto-draft for people who did not show up. Five did not, hence the draft was quick-quick-quick like I said before at only 23 minutes. That is unheard of.

Knowledge is Power

That is from Schoolhouse Rock and over 40 years later it still applies. With the passing of Robert Dorough this last year, it means that Schoolhouse Rock aware participants from my era lost a towering figure of their childhood.

A fantasy football team is picked so now please register on the website and enter your team into the My Fantasy Sharks – Customize Fantasy Sharks to Your Leagues – My Players. You will get a Roster Editor and just select your players and you are on your way. Now continue to My Fantasy Sharks – Starting Lineup Help – Lineup Coach and get your starters for the first game. Go with this for the first week and then come back next week to see what happened. It will get a little bit more advanced but you need to start somewhere. As usual, until that time we have a season to speak of.

2018 – Riddle Time

This year’s inquiry about the National Football League is where I try to ask the questions which need to be answered. Some will be answered early. Some will be answered late. In no particular order, they are as follows …

  • Will Le’Veon Bell hold out the whole season?
  • Will Aaron Rodgers be healthy all season?
  • Will Tom Brady last the season as a 41-year-old quarterback?
  • Will Colin Kaepernick ever get a job?
  • How will the new helmet rule be received?
  • Will Commissioner Roger Goodell stay out of the NFL conversation for the first four weeks?
  • Will the NFL television ratings drop again year over last year?
  • Will tight end Rob Gronkowski play the whole season injury-free?
  • Will the Philadelphia Eagles have a hangover season?
  • Will Jon Gruden coach up the Oakland Raiders?
  • Is the Brady/Bill Belichick miff for real?

So many questions and all will be answered in time, my friends. Speaking of time, it is time to kick off the season.

Waiting For The New Season To Begin – 2018

School starts right out last week and then we get that Labor Day Monday off. There is nothing like easing your way into the school year, my friends, with a four day week. Out of left field as I am writing this article I see a green lawn in my yard. So I would declare this to be another summer of the lawn. Last year it was the same with plenty of rain to be had during July. This somehow allows the lawn to not burn out and my golf course did not burn out as well with lush fairways and greens.

Now the season begins and fantasy football is bigger than ever. I have several friends who have multiple teams. They refer to their good team and then they have a bad team and it is so enjoyable to listen to. Remember folks, I have only one team and I succeed and fail and work with that one team. The website will put you in good hands. You are on the path to Fantasy Sharks prosperity.

Welcome to Fantasy Football, my friends. You are in for a bumpy ride.

Let the games begin – Season 2018-2019.

Master D.

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