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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin – Let The Season Begin

Hey there fantasy football fans.  I am talking to you.  Everyone hold on because the extra week delay to the start of the season has everyone doing that anticipation song from my childhood. “Keeps making me wait!”  The Cromwell Demolition is on the board and my team has taken shape.  As with every draft, I just feel like it went no better than the previous year.  So the draft went in 1 hour and 9 minutes and 55 seconds because of 60 second auto draft.  It is a must.

The NFL season begins this Thursday with The World Champion Patriots of New England hosting the Steelers of Pittsburgh. So if you have any players on one of those two teams set your lineup sooner than later.  Thursday gets here quicker than you think.

#2 out of 10

I had the second pick in the draft and the biggest decision in my league is what QB to take.  Now, in most leagues, the QB gets 3 points per TD.  In our league, the QB gets 6.  In most leagues, it is a straight up 2-RB 2-WR 1-TE league.  In our league, we have 1-RB 1-WR and 2-Flex positions.  In addition, we are a Points Per Reception league (PPR).  That means offense offense offense!  Big numbers are made week in and week out and a QB can and will save you.

I had do decide between Aaron Rodgers and Peyton Manning.  I went with Rodgers.  This year the league took 5 QBs and 5 RBs in the first round.  The latest trend in fantasy football is “Drafting Value” at certain “tiers.”  So I hope it works out for all of them. There is merit but also risk in doing this

Time To Put On Your Own Show

The team is picked, so now please register on the website and enter your team in to the My Fantasy Sharks – Customize Fantasy Sharks to Your Leagues –My Players.  You will get a Roster Editor and just select your players and you are on your way.  Now continue to My Fantasy Sharks – Starting Lineup Help – Lineup Coach and get your Starters for the first game.  Go with this for the first week and then come back next week to see what happened.  It will get a little bit more advanced but you need to start somewhere.  As usual, until that time we have a season to speak of.

2015 – Riddle Time

This year’s inquiry about the National Football League is where I try to ask the questions which need to be answered.  Some will be answered early.  Some will be answered late.  In no particular order they are as follows…

  • Is the addition of Rex Ryan worth more than 9 wins for the Buffalo Bills?
  • Will TE Rob Gronkowski rank in the top 5 of all receivers?
  • Will “deflategate” affect QB Tom Brady’s 2015 performance?
  • Will “deflategate” affect the New England Patriots team?
  • Will “deflategate” affect NFL Commissioner Mr. Goodell?
  • Will RG III get dropped?
  • Will Peyton Manning last the whole season without injury?
  • Will the departure of Rex Ryan mean more than 4 wins for the NY Jets?
  • Will the Philadelphia Eagles break through with their offense?

So many questions and all will be answered in time, my friends.  Speaking of time, it is time to kick off the season.

Waiting For The New Season To Begin – 2015

When Fall arrives it means more than just the return of football.  It means a great time to enjoy apple picking, apple pie making, and apple cider drinking.  Did I mention the apple part?

It also means talking about the lack of Hurricanes…knock on wood.  Also, it is the time where the Summer season collapses into the Harvest season.  By the way, this is a new decorating season in between Summer and it follows through to the climax at Halloween.  You put Fall type things around your home in the burnt orange and Maple tree red colors and before you know it you have another section in the basement filled with this stuff.

When I was a child, it was Summer and then Halloween followed by Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Halloween and Thanksgiving are combining and Christmas is getting earlier.  That appears to be the case every year.

All I can say is that I hope that this will be your most successful fantasy football year ever!  Grab the railing because it is going to be a bumpy ride.

Let the games begin — Season 2015-2016.

Master D.

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