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Happy New Year to everyone! We at the Virginator Chronicles transition from the NFL season to prognostication. That means two articles this week. The first is answering those questions from oh so long ago.

As you know the NFL season has ended. The season passes and you find yourself wondering where did the time go? My article dropped around Sept. 4 this year and it asked some questions about the then-upcoming NFL season. With the season over let us try to answer them now shall we?

2019 – Riddle –Answer Time

    • Absolutely not. San Francisco is the No. 1 seed in the NFC and get to play two home games to get to the Super Bowl for the first time in 25 years.
    • Brown used his feet for traveling. He traveled from Oakland to New England. After playing one game he was no longer with New England. He was not given a chance to perform at all the rest of the season.
    • In Brown’s only performance this regular season, he had four receptions for 56 yards and a touchdown for 15 fantasy points.
  • Will Le’Veon Bell’s holdout improve his fantasy production playing for the New York Jets? No.
    • In 2017, Bell had 331 fantasy football points in a points per reception league playing for Pittsburgh.
    • In 2019, Bell had 212 fantasy football points in a points per reception league playing for the Jets.
    • Yes.
  • Will Tom Brady last the season as a 42-year-old quarterback?
    • Yes.
  • Will Commissioner Roger Goodell stay out of the NFL conversation for the first three weeks?
    • Yes.
    • No.
    • No.
  • Will the NFL television ratings drop again?
    • No. NFL ratings are up this year.
    • Yes.
  • Will Jon Gruden coach up Oakland better than the year before? Yes.
    • In 2018, Oakland was 4-12.
    • In 2019, Oakland was 7-9.
  • Are we getting closer to the end of the John Elway era in Denver?
    • No.
    • To Be Determined.
    • No
    • In 2018, Arizona was 3-13.
    • In 2019, Arizona was 5-11.
  • Will Green Bay have a better offense with Matt LaFleur?
    • Yes. Green Bay finished with a 13-3 record.
    • Manning started four games and was out by Week 3.
    • Jones started 12 games.
    • Yes – just enough.
    • In 2018, Mahomes had 50 passing touchdowns.
    • In 2019, Mahomes had 26 passing touchdowns.
  • Will Jared Goff’s Super Bowl performance linger and affect the Los Angeles Rams? Yes.
    • The Los Angeles Rams did not make it to the playoffs in 2019.

All the questions were answered and there were some surprises. That is why we ask the questions to begin with, right?

Master D.

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