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Hello, and I hope the New Year is treating you with a new sense of calm. As for me, I have already taken more showers than I did the whole month of December. Take that Covid-19. Did I say that out loud? As you know this time of year at the Virginator Chronicles I transition from the NFL season of Fantasy Football talk to prognostication. That means two articles this week. The first is answering those preseason questions from oh so long ago.

The NFL season ended on time and the number 256 was bandied about. It represents that all 256 regular-season NFL games were played. This was an impressive feat considering the environment the NFL implemented. They did it with NO BUBBLE!

The season passes and you find yourself wondering where did the time go? It was more of a nail-biter this year but it happened and a little more slowly. My article dropped around September 6th in 2020 and I asked some questions about the then-upcoming NFL season. With the season over let us try to answer them now shall we?

2020 – Riddle – Answer Time

Here are the answers to the questions from the beginning of the season from my article on September 6th

  • Will not having preseason games affect the play early on in the season?
    • Yes. The play on the field may have appeared to you as nothing out of the ordinary but Defenses were affected. More points were scored in the NFL than ever before culminating in 85 touchdowns scored on Sunday, January 3rd. That is scoring aplenty.
  • Will there be a complete NFL season?
    • Yes. All 256 games were played and although there was a Wednesday and some Tuesday games and bye weeks were moved around
  • Will there be cancellations and how will they be handled?
    • No. Delays occurred and schedules were re-arranged and all 256 games were completed.
  • Will Jimmy Garoppolo’s performance in the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl carry over into this season?
    • Yes. An injury derailed Jimmy and he did not finish the season. Jimmy just was not the same.
  • Will Cam Newton learn the playbook of the New England Patriots?
    • No.
  • Will Tom Brady learn the playbook of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers?
    • Yes.
  • Will we find out the answer to the age-old question …Tom Brady or Bill Belichick?
    • Yes. Tom Brady and I only consider this Round 1 but it is not looking so good for Bill Belichick. And for all those who doubt me, I will go out on a limb and be the first to say the New England Patriots will never win a Super Bowl again under Bill Belichick. If I am wrong, I will apologize in this article. I will explain my line of thinking in a future article. It was all right there in front of us yet I could not see it.
    • Yes. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
  • Will Aaron Rogers be healthy all season?
    • Yes. Aaron Rogers threw 48 TD passes and looked sharp the whole season. As a #1 seed in the NFC, The Green Bay Packers are the presumptive favorites to go to the Super Bowl.
  • Will Tom Brady last the season as a 43-year-old quarterback playing for a new team?
    • Yes. The 43-year-old quarterback finished the year 3rd in the league with 4633 yards passing behind Deshaun Watson and Patrick Mahomes. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers finished the season at 11-5 without a pre-season snap and for the most part with the same Bruce Arians offense as last year.
  • Will Commissioner Roger Goodell assert himself in Covid-19 related incidences?
    • Yes. The commissioner asserted through spokespeople they had agreed with the players union on Covid-19 guidelines. These guidelines were re-iterated and implemented. An example of this is the week that Denver did not have a Quarterback to play because the whole Quarterback group did not wear masks in meetings and a Covid-19 positive test meant they could not play.
    • No. Old Gronk finished in the top 10 of all receivers. This Gronk was still effective though.
  • Will the NFL television ratings drop again year over last year?
    • Yes. But they were still the highest-rated television programs watched during the year. They went from #1 to well #1.
  • Are we getting closer to the end of the John Elway era in Denver?
    • To Be Determined but it seems doubtful at this point.
    • No. Kyler Murray had a better year and had the play of the year which was affectionately and will forever be known as the “Hail Murray”. But when he had to win to get into the playoffs? He did not.
  • Will Joe Burrow last the whole season as the starter at Cincinnati?
    • No. Joe Burrow had a season-ending injury during Week 11.
    • No.
  • Will Jared Goff have a rebound performance for the LA Rams?
    • No.

All the questions were answered and I was very surprised by the answers, right? I guess that is why we ask them to begin with. These questions were on the minds and in the “noise” of the pre-season.

Master D.

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