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Happy New Year! The NFL season has come to a close. I am amazed at how fast the season passes. So I dropped my “Riddle” article around Sept. 5 and it asked some questions about the NFL season. With the season over let us try to answer them.

2018 Riddle: Answer Time

Here are the answers to the questions from the beginning of the season.

  • Will Le’Veon Bell hold out the whole season?
    • Yes … Le’Veon Bell held out and never played. He is now a free agent for 2019.
  • Will Aaron Rodgers be healthy all season?
    • He did make it until the last game but ended the season with a concussion in the first quarter of the last game of the season. The real story was how an Aaron Rodgers-led team did not make the playoffs for a second consecutive year. This led to the firing of head coach Mike McCarthy, a Super Bowl-winning coach, on Dec. 2.
  • Will Tom Brady last the season as a 41-year-old quarterback?
    • Yes.
  • Will Colin Kaepernick ever get a job?
    • No.
  • How will the new helmet rule be received?
    • It started out with a flash but seemed to fizzle out. More attention was paid towards protecting the quarterback. Where did the new helmet rule go?
  • Will Commissioner Roger Goodell stay out of the NFL conversation for the first four weeks?
    • Yes.
  • Will the NFL television ratings drop again year-over-year?
    • In 2018 the NFL was watched more than 2017. But more importantly, an NFL game occupied 40 of the Top 50 slots in the television ratings for 2018. An 80 percent mind-share is outrageous.
  • Will tight end Rob Gronkowski play the whole season injury free?
    • Rob Gronkowski missed three games in 2018 due to injury. Rob Gronkowski had 128 fantasy points in 2018 as compared to 219 fantasy points in 2017. Gronkowski had only three touchdowns this year. Yikes! That was a typical game in the days of ‘yore.

What a great year. All the questions were answered and there were some surprises. That is why we ask the questions to begin with, right?

Master D.

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