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THE DIARY of a FANTASY VIRGIN: Preseason Part 1

The Virginator is back! I am now the elderly writer in the bunch. This is my fifteenth year writing articles strange and long. I also have brought you articles strange and short. This tends to happen when I am on vacation or running a half marathon. But besides this, an article is created as fantasy football happens. You would be surprised how much fantasy football changes in fifteen years. I guess my article would be a freshman in high school by now. Yikes! Time does fly. And as a friendly reminder, a fantasy football team is drafted, managed, and maintained in a weekly article. Utilization of FantasySharks.com is a must and in the end we either win or lose. Come along for the ride and see where it ends up. It always ends and it is a fun way to watch the NFL. The National Football League and television seem to go hand in hand. Throw in a lively and friendly competition that is totally made up and you have a hand in glove affect.

Before this journey begins, my friends, it is my tradition here at Fantasy Sharks and my Diary of a Fantasy Virgin article to bring to you what my summer was all about.


What I Did The Summer of 2016

The lead up to the Summer began after I predicted correctly that the Denver Broncos would defeat the Carolina Panthers in the Super Bowl. Who did not see that coming? Everybody! Ah, but prognostication is a game of go big or go home and for the most part everyone goes home before they go big.

Winter was strange. The average temperature for March was 65 degrees and we had a few 81-degree days during March. Then it essentially all froze in and although there were no mega snow events, it was cold enough to affect the flora of the region. Specifically our hydrangea did not bloom because of a late freeze. Bummer! But that happens periodically.

Now onto the summer. Sure there was another trip to Disney. It was our 15th wedding  anniversary (now that is a coincidence) and we spent it having a lovely meal at Citrico’s located in the Grand Floridian Hotel. That was a great evening and although the food was wonderful, the company of my bride was outstanding.

The real story of the summer was of course the Summer Olympics in Rio. Everyone forgets how great the Summer Olympics are. Then about three days in, if you start following beach volleyball and swimming something magical happens. You end up being all-in. You swear that you will watch some of these events in the off year and although you won’t, four years from now in Tokyo, Japan you will find yourself repeating yourself over again. The Winter Olympics may be the same way but since we are from the Northeast, there is not much else to do during the winter so it really helps pass the time.

It was also the thirtieth High School Reunion. So let me give a shout out to the St. Bernard High School Class of 1986. Thirty years is just long enough for you to forget everyone and get hugs and laughter and the time of the event is too short and it goes by and when you get home you say … “well that just happened.” It is like a new thing called “speed friendship rekindle.” Things get said over and over like the following. Where do you live now? Oh, this is your spouse. Hello. Nice to meet you. How many kids? What’s their ages? Oh, grandkids! Wow! Where do you work? …. Next! Rinse! Repeat!

So, as I have been writing a weekly article for this website since opening week, 2002. Every year I mull over what type of year it will be. In order to succeed you need to just pick the best players statistically a few standard deviations above average for their positions on a team that is usually in the playoffs at the end of the year. The problem is that the season has not yet been played and the future may not resemble the past. Just ask all those people who drafted Andrew Luck as their QB last year.

Speaking of luck, it is draft time.   Are you ready? This is my standard preparation for the draft.


Preparing For The Draft

The draft is coming Virgins, it’s time to get out those stat sheets and read over number upon number or just link into the Fantasy Sharks recommended draft list or print out the custom cheat sheet. The first thing you should realize is that this draft stuff will not only make you, but could also break you. But it makes and breaks everyone so it is not a big deal. Sure, winners turn into busts and previous busts have a great season of vindication. And sometimes, if you draft too early, you draft guys that split town due to injury or just need to leave due to personal “issues.”

I am going to draft this year like I always did in the past. Just change it up based upon a strong QB-league or a weak QB-league. A strong QB-league is one where when the QB gets a TD, you get 6 points. If you are in a weak QB-league, the QB gets 3 points for a TD.

Most leagues give 3 points to the QB and I personally think it’s a rip-off. In a weak QB-league, draft the athletic QBs early but put off the high-rated QBs until later. In a strong QB-league, just look it over and if you are drafting 10th and a QB is still available, go for it. You can still wait but there is a consequence if you find yourself being torched by a QB like Cam Newton.

Four years ago, I took over the Commissioner duties and I instituted a strong QB-league. And everyone did not take a QB in the first round. I was dumbfounded. The 10th rated QB will still score more than a go-to WR in a strong QB-league. And last year was no different. After loading the scoring model into the Fantasy Sharks scoring system, 12 QBs came ahead of the first position player who was WR Antonio Brown followed closely by WR Julio Jones.  So be aware of your scoring system.

This year, I am also going to still take the dude who (barring injury) will get the most projected points every round and avoid RBs in the early rounds.  Since the league is getting away from the running game, RBs become a risk that is very high. They can win you big but also lose you big with untimely injuries.

The distribution offense favors WRs. The incorporation of the West Coast Offense favors the WRs. The “no touch” rules favor the WRs. Therefore, WRs carry the day after QBs in a strong QB-league. Only take WRs first if your league is not a strong QB-league.

Knowledge is power and this site cranks it up with enough wattage to light a moonless wintry evening. I will be writing about that soon enough, so I will not get ahead of myself.

I will let you know how my draft worked out by the first week of September. With the NFL starting on Thursday, September 8th, our draft settles everything on September 5th . As always it is good to be back friends. Welcome to Fantasy Football 2016.

Master D.

Tim can now be reached at tdavoll@fantasysharks.com and welcomes your opinions on the Diary of a Fantasy Virgin Articles.

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