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Hello. Hello. Hello. It is the 16th year of “The Virginator.” I am back to go through another season of fantasy football with all of you. This is a public display of unintelligent intelligence if there is such a thing. For all the “newbs” out there, I check my brain at the door and run a fantasy football team as a raw owner. I draft based upon lists. I draft based upon no experience whatsoever. And then I let the chips fall where they may. I utilize the Fantasy Sharks website which is one of the greatest fantasy football sites ever in my honest opinion, and I manage my team. The experiment goes on and on and on and as long as this wonderful site will have me back I will gratefully oblige. Let us get some flashbacks over with. Like the Super Bowl.

Hey Atlanta? Ever hear of running the ball? Run it! Time and time again and time runs out. But NO!!!! You have to stick to the process and it results in the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history. I wrote that New England would win by double digits but they only won by six. Yes, New England was down big, 21-3 at halftime. Heck, 28-3 in the third quarter. Run the ball! But Atlanta didn’t and Tom Brady threw the ball 62 times. Sixty-two freaking times! And just like that New England had a fifth super bowl. Matt Ryan only threw the ball 23 times. Heck, the Atlanta offense was were on the field in the second half. What a weird game. But let’s get back to today. So this is the time I recall my summer.

What I Did Over The Summer – Remembrances

The school year is a drama that is fit for television. For some reason when my mother took me shopping for corduroys they never fit right and I felt out of place. Shopping for back to school at the old Hurley’s on Main Street in Willimantic in the 1970s (long before Amazon and Walmart) just never seemed right. Even though I am getting shoes and getting clothes, the process which led to my first day of school was just so uncomfortable. And then there was the first day of school. We had to announce what we did during the summer. Every first day of the school year this happened until we were 12. Then it stopped. Did something special happen when we turned 13?

As is my tradition here at Fantasy Sharks and my “Diary of a Fantasy Virgin” articles, I bring to you what my summer was all about.

What I Did The Summer of 2017

The first half of the year was spent taking care of my lovely wife, who broke her arm. It took six months for her to recover! As you could well imagine there was a significant period of downtime during her convalescence, so what is a dorko electrical engineering major going to do? Memorize the Rubik’s Cube solution of course! Hey now. You will see many people young and not so young solve the Rubik’s Cube in about 90 seconds or less. It has to do with a hack which puts the cube into a certain state and then you rattle off 70 moves or so and it is solved. What is the fun in that? I took the long way home. I memorized the eight-algorithm, 156-move solution that builds the cube. For some reason even though I had the solution it took five weeks of three hours per night to solve it the first time. Then it took three weeks to memorize the 156 moves required to solve it. With this solution, it takes 4-6 minutes to solve the cube and it brings to me closure on a bucket list item that I have thought about since the 1980s when the cube came out. For this, I am eternally grateful.

Let us talk about the summer. My wife and I took advantage of a weird set of circumstances and spent two weeks in Disney World. Of course! Why not? This particular trip saw the opening of Pandora in the Animal Kingdom. The ride on the banshee called Flight of Passage is maybe the greatest interactive and immersive ride going in the world. Hands down. I will not give the ride away but I believe that what you see when you sit down is an 8K television screen. Come on; 8-freaking-K! After that, it is an amazing experience and everyone should try it out once. As usual, it was our 16th wedding anniversary spent with a lovely meal at Citrico’s in the Grand Floridian Hotel.

This summer has been a lucky experience. A mixture of learning and nuance, and for me it is really good to be back. But speaking of luck, it is draft time. Are you ready? This may seem familiar but I prepare for the draft the same way every year. It is like a reboot. It happens again and again.

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