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What? What did you say? What do you mean over there? Oh. You are talking about the very large story in the corner of the room? Yes. We are talking about Andrew Luck. He announced his retirement as a 29-year-old with a broken body. I personally wish him all the best. He has been on several of my fantasy football teams and his late comebacks have secured some of my team’s outrageously lopsided scores. His ability to score big and score late is what I will remember. Reminder everyone that this is fantasy football so Luck’s broken body just may heal and in one or two seasons, may be talking about his comeback. Good luck in your retirement, Mr. Luck.

Temperatures in the 50s giving a hint of chill, and where did all those school buses come from? School has arrived for the children of New England. Just in time to bring about the Labor Day weekend and the unofficial end of summer. Now just to let everyone know my generation went to school the Tuesday after Labor Day. None of this August time in the air. But with the end of summer, I guess I should get on with what it was.

The Summer Of The Disney Moment

You know, Disney is the place to take your family for a vacation. And while you may or may not have been going to the movies, just about everyone else was and for the most part, they were going to see a Disney summer blockbuster. Avengers: Endgame, Toy Story 4, The Lion King, and Aladdin were all released this summer. And all of them seem to have no difficulties in making $1 billion at the box office as Toy Story 4 is on the verge of doing just that.

And the summer of Disney movies gives way to the fall where Disney+, the new streaming service, will begin. So watch out because Disney seems to have mindshare on our entertainment needs and wants. In the end, it is an interesting mashup of sports, movies and theme parks. Is anyone in for some blue milk and the Cantina Aug. 29 when Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opens in Orlando?

It is that moment you realize Disney may eventually be everywhere. But where are you going to be on your draft? For your draft, we have a strong desire to see the perfect draft, which none of us have done but we try. To accomplish this we need to begin in the beginning.

In The Beginning …

The draft is coming within a week from now for my league and the time has come to prepare. The draft is scheduled for Sept. 2 at 7 p.m. It is quite simple really.

Step 1 load your scoring system into Then you go to Fantasy Tools –> Draft Help –> Draft Planner – and get the list of players that will make your season great. Generally speaking, you would want to get a list of Top Rated Value-Based Drafting players in front of you before the draft begins. The weird part is that you want to oversee a team that brings offensive dominion on the NFL stage and goes for maximum points. So is every other team in the draft trying to do the same thing? Yes, they are.

To get into this a little bit deeper begin by sending a simple note to the person running your league. Say something like this … “The Fantasy Sharks Virgin has asked me to ask you what the scoring system is in our league. Please point me to the place where the scoring system is or you will be considered a low-rent fantasy football commissioner. Thanks.” After you register for this site (if you haven’t already), take that information and follow these steps.

Go to My Fantasy Sharks –> Customize Fantasy Sharks To Your Leagues –> My Scoring Systems. Next enter in all the information associated with the scoring system in your league. Now click on Projections –> Season Projections, click on quarterback and voila, based upon last year’s stats and your league’s scoring system, the ranking of all quarterbacks appear on your screen. Now if you would like, continue through all the positions and take that information to your melon. Next, print out the Printable Custom Cheat Sheet. Now, and this is the brilliant part about, see what the heck the people who have been doing this for a while do when they have to pick. That means going to the 2019 All Positions Projections page. These three references will prepare you for your selections on draft day.

The information is convenient, quick and current. It is information all to yourself and when you combine the All Positions Predictions page with your custom Scoring System, you are ahead of most. You have just navigated the toughest road, and for now you have all the information. And when you have information, you have power. Now comes the execution part.

The Execution

Be leary, fellow virgins, veterans and others who don’t want to fit into either category. The draft is a labor of folly. Filled with good intentions, the results can leave you laughing in the streets or groaning in the alleyways of the mystical Shangri La. Scour the team’s websites of the Top 30 players in each running back/wide receiver/quarterback position. That means 90 players and make sure they are not injured. I suggest you pick the best tight end and defensive team after you have two or three wide receivers and a top running back. Next map out a strategy of picks based upon points/player analysis/printable custom cheat sheet or some combination thereof. Take a deep break and … GO!

The Aftermath

The aftermath is your team. Enter this team into the following place on this website. Go to My Fantasy Sharks –> Customize Fantasy Sharks To Your Leagues –> My Players and enter in your players. For those returning to this area from last year, you can get a proper look at your team from last year and say goodbye. Now you can take advantage of my next article. My next article will go into the steps needed to select the team you will play that week. Go off and be merry, because projection tools are evil and reality is a long walk off a short board. Your team will change so much due to injury, craziness, trades and dumb luck that your last week may not resemble this moment in time. But you have a friend to shepherd you through the valley of “playas,” All of us are alone. We might as well reach out and get through it together. My diary entry is about the NFL state of mind.

Dear Diary

The NFL is a wildly successful business. It consists of 32 teams that all have positive revenue and operating income in the millions. How many businesses can say that? Everyone is a winner in this business model. The season seems to zip along and I know I have a weekly article to write. The season ends with a Super Bowl and about a 100 plus million of us getting together to watch a game. When can you say 100 million of us to anything at exactly the same time? Therefore it must be extremely successful because it is still spoken of. It reminds me of the saying that goes like this … and I paraphrase.

The NFL is dead. Long Live the NFL!

Because the NFL is changing so it may long live … in just another form. Hopefully, it is more entertaining on an even bigger screen than that measly 75-inch most posses streaming 4K. Have you seen 8K? Yikes! It is better!

As far as I am concerned next up for me is the fantasy football draft for my league. So prepare using Fantasy Sharks as your guide and make it through your draft day. Now I spend this time wondering what my team will look like.

That is next week’s article.

Master D.

Tim Davoll can now be reached at and welcomes your opinions on the “Diary of a Fantasy Virgin” articles or advice to help out your fantasy football team.

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