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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin – Super Bowl 50

Or Super Bowl fitty! Yes. My friends it is Super Bowl 50. The Romans are rolling over in their graves because the NFL refuses to acknowledge L. Why for 49 years were there Roman Numerals? But when it gets to 50 it is a shocker? Can 50 look so much better than L. I think the Romans would know. Since they only counted in Roman Numerals I guess we would know the response in that poll, right?

But I digress. It is Super Bowl weekend in the great United States of America. It is third only to Christmas and Thanksgiving in my mind. Only about 60% of the population of televisions are tuned into the event. What are the other 40% doing? My guess is that half of them are at a party and their TV is on the wrong channel. The other half could not be bothered. I am unconcerned about that 20% because our articles on this website never pass their eyeballs and the gladiator social aspect of it all escapes them. The Super Bowl is the last thing we can all participate in as a country. We have been dissected and put into categories by our race, religion, income, and political leanings. It is truly a divide and conquer grab to the nth degree. But they cannot take football away from us…yet.

As for the divisional weekend, I went 1-1. I ended this year’s prognostication at 6-4 which is just alright. At least I found out the way to beat Tom Brady. Just make the noise deafening so he has to use a silent count and rush 3 or 4 players and get to Tom Brady in less than 2.0 seconds. And with all that, the Broncos barely won. Yikes! The Carolina Panthers were dominant and played a complete game that completely beat down the Arizona Cardinals.

Super Bowl L … em, I Mean Super Bowl 50

Unlike last year there is no controversy heading into the Super Bowl this year. The game is in Santa Clara. Santa Clara is a hop, skip and a jump from San Francisco. So all the pre-Super Bowl hoopla is taking place on the embarcadero. I have been there and it is just a wonderful place. No wonder the rent is so high.

For three years in a row now, the game features a drop-back QB with limited mobility (Peyton Manning) against a young dynamic running/throwing QB (Cam Newton). The drop-back QB two years ago was Peyton Manning against the Seattle Seahawks. It was a disaster as they lost 43 – 8 to the mobile QB Russell Wilson. Last year the drop-back QB in Tom Brady just barely eked out a victory against the same mobile QB in Russell Wilson. What will happen this year?

As with every year, I make the case for each team.

The Case For The Carolina Panthers

The Seattle Seahawks have a record of 17-1. In the modern era there have been very few 1-loss teams to make it to the Super Bowl. The Chicago Bears did it in the 1985 season. The San Francisco 49ers did it in 1984. The Carolina Panthers are that good. Not ‘wow great need a Super Bowl shuffle video good’ but for the modern era of football, really talented good on both sides of the ball.

Carolina defeated the best and hottest teams in the NFC in the Arizona Cardinals and Seattle Seahawks. They have beaten the best to get here and the quality of the opponent cannot be underestimated.

Scarily the team is led by the Heisman Trophy winner from Auburn University, Cam Newton. Cam is unusual in that he can run for TDs(10). He can throw for TDs(35). This is very disruptive and the Denver Broncos had a tough time with Russell Wilson two years ago. What has changed?

The Carolina Panthers had the 6th best defense in the league in points allowed. They had the number 1 offense in the league in points with 31.2 a game. Yowza!

The Carolina Panthers back story is that they are having lots and lots of fun dancing and scoring and putting up gaudy numbers. They laugh all the way to their victories even if they have trouble closing games out. For example, they were up 31-0 on Seattle only to win 31-24.

Ron Rivera is the coach of the Panthers and is known for his defenses. He was the defensive coach of the Chicago Bears who went to the Super Bowl in 2006. Defenses can win Super Bowls and he has a Super Bowl defense.

The Case For The Denver Broncos

The Denver Broncos have a record of 14-4. They are led by a stellar defense. They are the best defense in the league this year in yards allowed. The QB of the Denver Broncos is Peyton Manning.

The Denver Broncos QB is the cerebral Peyton Manning. Peyton can get to the line, read a defense, and react as well as anyone in the NFL. He is capable of thinking his way through the game and making key adjustments.

The Denver Broncos have great special teams as well. So they operate from a defensive and special teams angle that is the extra push which got them to this game.

The Denver Broncos back story is Peyton Manning. In a reflection of John Elway when he won Super Bowl XXXIII in 1999, he retired a two-time Super Bowl Champion. Can Peyton win and ride off into the sunset? He most certainly can when your team rallies around you.

Therefore the Denver Broncos have rallied around a cause.

The Verdict?

The Carolina Panthers are so heavily favored that there is no way they cannot win. But what if the halftime score is less than 7 points in favor of Carolina? Then Carolina plays the same way they have in the past and Denver passes them?

Denver in a large upset.

See you in August!

Have a safe Spring and Summer.

Master D.

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