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Prognostication is lots of turmoil. You take a guess and the results either fall your way or they don’t. I actually went 9-3 during the chaos. All-in-all, I went 4-2 the opening weekend of the tournament. I went 3-1 in the second week. I went 2-0 over the final weekend. Please note that I actually predicted the Super Bowl contestants 2 weeks ago in this very article. Awesomsauce!!!

Super Bowl Week 1 begins with how we got here.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs The Green Bay Packers

Final Score Buccaneers 31 and Packers 26.

This was a fascinating game. Aaron Rodgers unconvinced he is a loser versus a winner in Tom “freaking” Brady. Let me talk to you as a fanboy for once. Aaron Rodgers has the best arm action in the NFL. It is alluring. But it is Steve Elkington. That dude has such a sweet golf swing that all golf pros would watch him swing on the practice range. I love his golf swing today. It is that good. Everyone is convinced Aaron Rodgers can deliver in the same way. But 10 years later he is Steve Elkington.

Tom Brady played a cray-cray game against Green Bay. The first half was the chain! The second half not so much. The Green Bay Packers snatched the jaws of defeat from the agony of victory. It should have been easy-sauce but it was not.

The Buffalo Bills vs The Kansas City Chiefs

Final Score Kansas City 38 and Buffalo 24

The game started with Buffalo scoring 9 points. However, this awoke the beast of Kansas City and they just passed over the ability of Buffalo. It was just another game where the home team woke up and took a direct route to the Super Bowl. The game was more predictable than you normally would think. Patrick Mahomes was awesomsauce.

My diary entry is about my New Year so far.

Dear Diary

So the New Year has been better because the glass eye I use convinced me so. It is actually much worse with an American perishing every 5 minutes in Los Angeles California from Covid-19 but no one cares. I DO. I find it ironic that no one reports this information. It is the same information that makes Aaron Rodgers the MVP but incapable. No one is reporting this but only one Super Bowl Title in 10 years is going to weigh oh your easy-sauce resume to  Canton Ohio. The reality you seek is not the one you obtain. Next week is my final article of the year. I am so grateful to make it this far.

Every rational reality ordinarily runs.

First and last. Hugs!

Master D.

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