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The table is now set for two. I went 0-2 over the weekend. Atlanta proved that they can win a big game. The Patriots proved that they can win without TE Rob Gronkowski. Boy I took it on the chin though I have managed to go 7-3 overall this playoff season. If I had chosen only the home teams I would have gone 9-1. But where is the fun in that no matter what the outcome right? Super Bowl Week 1 begins with how we got here.

The Green Bay Packers vs The Atlanta Falcons

Final Score Atlanta 44 and Green Bay 21.

In Atlanta, things are heating up. Atlanta comes down and scores immediately to make it 7-0. The Green Bay Packers first drive comes up short and stalls out. But no big deal, Mason Crosby will hit a field goal and make it 7-3 right? Wrong! Crosby misses. Green Bay holds the next drive to a field goal. With the score 10-0 Green Bay was driving and was inside the 5 yard line when a fumble prevented another scoring opportunity.  A worst case 10-6 Atlanta first quarter turned into a 10-0 first quarter lead for Atlanta. Green Bay never got going and Atlanta never stopped to look behind. As Atlanta put their foot down on the gas pedal, Green Bay still managed to find a way to score 21 points. The story of this game is the missed opportunities on both sides of the ball for Green Bay. On to the second game…

The Pittsburgh Steelers vs The New England Patriots

Final Score New England 36 and Pittsburgh 17

This game could have been so much closer. At halftime the score was 17 – 9 but Pittsburgh made two trips inside the 5-yard line and came out with only 3 points. Pittsburgh received the second half kickoff and did nothing with it. The Patriots put 16 points on the board in the 3rd quarter and for the second time in a day, missed opportunities led to the unraveling of a good Football team. In this game the big story was that Le’Veon Bell was managing a pulled muscle over the last few weeks and it let go big time during the game. With one B down, the two remaining B’s could not stand as the Steelers are like a 3-legged stool. Take one leg away and you have nothing left. So the embarrassment of riches continues for New England.

My diary entry is about the elephant in the room.

Dear Diary

Did you know that every state in New England voted for Hillary Clinton to be our next POTUS? But it was not to be. I can tell you this much. The rest of the country no matter who they voted for POTUS appears to be unanimously behind any team but the New England Patriots. I have a good friend from Indianapolis and he said that he always is trying to figure out how the “Patty Rats” will lose.

These affectionate nicknames for excellence are familiar. As a Red Sox fan for many, many years I’ve heard “Yank Mees” and the like for arguably the greatest franchise in all of sports…those New York Yankees.

This is not any different. It is just we have a 24 x 7 x 365 world of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and an endless news cycle that may or may not be fake. It just never ends.  The polarizing affects of QB Tom Brady and Coach Bill Belichick make the New England Patriots currently the team to dislike.  Considering this will be the 6th appearance for the Patriots in the last 14 Super Bowls, it’s the human condition to root for the underdog.

It is enough to torque anyone off. So who will lift the Lombardi trophy? I will break that down next week my friends.

Master D.

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