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It is Election Day in America and all through the land, the citizenry must pick a President and decide between a Woman and a Man. All pundits predict and the stock market knows, but the wildcard is participation and how many will go. Red States and Blue states, you must go to the polls. Go to the place. Probably a school with kids smiling and selling baked goods to stuff your face. They cannot vote but most definitely should you. If we could get the participation percentage above 50 as a free country what would we do? We would have an elected official voted in by an electoral college and that would be fine. If the majority of the population voted that would be sublime. But it most likely won’t happen and this is why I note that you should do your civic duty and go out and vote!

Welcome to Week 9 Recap

My fantasy season is entering Week 10 limping on one lame offense. The teams that are taking it on the chin are letting me down. So when you see the Denver Broncos struggle, you get WR Demaryius Thomas not getting in the end zone. You have the Indianapolis Colts winning but doing so with only 1 TD pass. In this day and age you need 3 just to keep up with your opponent. And when your K Matt Bryant goes for 18 points and you only get about 80 overall points, it is a hot mess. But at 5-4 I have to somehow right the ship. Speaking of that, I have a simple explanation to the ratings dilemma the NFL is experiencing.

Dear Diary

Ratings are down in the NFL. That is the headline. But what is a rating exactly. What makes them state that the NFL is down? Let us look at this a little bit deeper, shall we? What is a Nielsen rating? It appears to be a collection of Nielsen families who are provided an unbiased metering system indicating what they watched. These Nielsen families also provide a diary which indicate what they watched. The ages of the respondents make for the demographics you see like the coveted 18-49 age grouping.

Since it is the only system we have had since 1950, what are the chances that our viewing habits have changed? Well they have. So the first question I would have is where are all the people going? The top 10 watched television shows in 2015 saw 6 of them be NFL related events. In 2016, only 2 were NFL related events. So where does this take us?

Nielsen does not measure your local bar with 100 people watching NFL Sunday Ticket. They just do not. They do not measure those watching on tablets. If you are not a Nielsen family, you just kind of do not exist. I am sure it will get figured out but until then the numbers may be wrong but they are all we got so all we have is an Apples to Oranges comparison going forward until it gets figured out.

So we wait for the data and the headlines grab our eyes. Too bad they cannot be measured, huh?

Master D.

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