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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin – Week 10

The NFL season is winding up.  Like a coiled spring it is about to release energy.  This time of the year is when teams show off their ability or inability to win.  Some fantasy numbers can still be found and with injuries happening to starters like WR Keenan Allen, there could be holes that need to be filled.  As it is often said in football, we have a “next man up” situation and my team needs to figure itself out.  Will it get to .500 or will it continue to lose?

Why Continue To Lose?

In a very strange sequence of events, between injuries to 4 players and a bye week for another 3 players, I found myself scrambling to put together a lineup. This saw my team with the weird situation of 7 scoreless players.  When you look at that you realize there is not much to choose from.  Add to this the struggling Peyton Manning to Demaryius Thomas combination and it makes for a disaster.  This leaves me now 3 games under .500 but I have acquired Michael Floyd and Charcandrick West so I can now attempt a big push to get to .500 and make the playoffs.  There is always hope my friends and there is always the “next man up.” My diary entry is about the new point-after situation.

Dear Diary

When is an extra point not an extra point?  When you move the extra point back 13 yards from the 2 to the 15 yard line that is.  Up until this week going into the Monday Night Game, there has been an extra point missed in at least one game each week.  You would think that a 33-yard field goal would be easy to accomplish.  But apparently it isn’t and shockingly the kickers who are nervous are not only missing but getting the boot.

It appears that the mental state of the kicker used to be twofold.  Apparently there was the extra point from the 2-yard line mentality which was always anticlimactic and automatic.  The other mental state was the preparation for the field goal.  Now the extra point is a 33-yard field goal.

This means after every score, the kicker has to think 33-yard field goal now and this has changed the game  a little bit. For example, K Josh Scobee of the Pittsburgh Steelers  was cut and Chris Boswell was signed all in a few days after a memorable game where Scobee missed two key field goals in a Thursday night loss.

What was also telling was the lack of confidence Steelers coach Mike Tomlin had in Scobee during that game.  He actually changed the way that he coached that game not trusting him on a pair of fourth down plays in overtime.

It appeared that it is all in the kickers head and this actually worked into the coaches head.

Master D.

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