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It is Week 11 and teams are rounding into position. Around the NFL for all general managers and fans it is a good time of the year to evaluate the state of your franchise. For all fantasy football players this is a good time to reflect on the state of your league. Just like a general manager for a franchise, the fantasy football general manager could find himself or herself in crazy trouble with little options for a future as the season winds down. Strange how there is a very faint parallel to be found between reality and fantasy. For me I am trying out the latest incarnation of my team.

This Is Really My Team?

This is the kind of stuff that comes out of your mouth on Wednesday evening. After all of the injuries like Aaron Rodgers, and all of the surprises like how about them New Orleans Saints or Los Angeles Rams, you could have your head spinning in all kinds of directions. What I have noticed is more about the Thursday night game nowadays. Since every team plays in it at least once, the Thursday night game has become stressful because your players could go big or go home. This duality could make a fantasy football owner cringe. But there is hope. There is always hope.

For example, during the season I have acquired Evan Engram, Robby Anderson, Jerick McKinnon, Ryan Succop, and the New Orleans Saints defense/special teams. That would be five members of my roster this week who were not around during Week 1 and are now starting in Week 10? How did my team do this week?

Thank You, Sean Payton

The head coach of the New Orleans Saints did me a huge solid over the weekend and played running back Mark Ingram. Ingram responded with 131 rushing yards and three rushing touchdowns. How awesome is that? His performance overcame a tough performance for Jerick McKinnon which resulted in a victory that brings me to 6-4 on the season. Down the stretch I am going to need better offensive line play from Dallas if Dak Prescott is going to help me get into the playoffs. There just appears to be no answer to the week-in and week-out craziness as we drive this bus toward the end of the season. There are three weeks to go until the playoffs so riddle me this … What is the state of my league?

State Of The League

With the fantasy football season in its last few weeks before the playoff, I take advantage of Week 11 to determine the state of the league where I am the commissioner. This is about the state of parity in my league to let you get perspective on the teams and outcomes in your league. I am here to report that there are only four teams above .500 in my 10-team league. This, coincidentally, is the same as last year at this time. That means there are six teams at .500 or below. This year the stud players may be different like Jared Goff meteorically rising for a hot Los Angeles Rams team, but the results are the same. Consistent fantasy teams with more wins than losses in your league go to the few teams with very successful and consistent players and luck. You always have to have some luck. My diary entry is about a year later and a grim realization.

Dear Diary

About one year ago at this time, the United States of America elected Donald Trump as the 45th president. The new president has certainly spoken on a wide range of topics that have certainly angered just about every politician in America. The weird part is that he has not angered every American. This tells me that Americans and politicians, who should be one of the same, apparently are not. Oh well, I am sure everyone knew that already. But what is the point of this diary entry?

What is the grim realization? To paraphrase Mark Twain in regards to the United States of America …“The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.” One year later and we all live … for now.

I just can’t believe it has been one year. Time is flying and Thanksgiving is closing in on us.

Master D.

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