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I would like to take this time to thank all servicemen and servicewomen for your sacrifices in support of our great nation of ours. Thank you again. Elevens are wild for my article this week It is the 11th month of the year and the 11th day where I find myself writing an article for the 11th week of the NFL fantasy football season. I prepared for this week-long ago. You see Deshaun Watson is on a bye week and that means all I have to do is get an easy 40 burger from Drew Brees at home. Uh oh. So what does that mean this week?

The Most Stressful Time of Fantasy Football Year

This is the time of the year where you are one winning streak from winning it all. You are one losing streak from not making the playoffs. The team that you began the year with may not be the team you start now. But we pull together a team and endure the bye weeks and make the most of it. The same goes for the teams in the NFL and there were no less than 10 games this week decided by one score or less. The games are tightening up and the standings are tightening up. Will I win this week?

Where Are You Deshaun Watson?

QB Deshaun Watson is on the bench but I have prepared for this. Drew Brees is at home and playing against the one win Atlanta Falcons. This has to be a no-brainer, right? Wrong! Drew Brees throws no touchdowns and I lose by 8 points this week. A 40-yard touchdown is 8 points in my league but Atlanta played like there was no tomorrow and the New Orleans Saints lost. It does go both ways and my opponent had plus performances from RB Dalvin Cook (30 burger) and WR Amari Cooper (31 Burger). So I find my team in the last playoff position with a record of 5-5. This week I welcome back Deshaun Watson and hopefully I can begin a winning streak to get me into the Fantasy Football Playoffs. My diary entry is about the local team.

Dear Diary

Being from New England translates into the reality that our local team is the New England Patriots. The team did not play this past week as they are on a bye and they find themselves with an excellent record of 8-1. But their last game was a loss to the Baltimore Ravens. Even with a great record, these are the grumblings out of Foxborough:

  • They cannot run the ball.
  • They have no tight ends.
  • They have no offensive line.
  • They have no passing game.
  • They have a great defense.
  • They have no kicker.
  • They have no weapons for Tom Brady.
  • They have played no talented opponents yet.

The list goes on and on and it must be talked about during the bye week with no games being played. There is a lot to talk about. And this is a team that won the Super Bowl!

What I noticed about football is that if a team is doing well or if a team is doing poorly they seem to mention the same list of issues. The only difference is the record of the team. I guess that means during football season there is always something to talk about.

Master D.

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