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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin – Week 11

Week 10 is out of here. Just like the arm strength of Peyton Manning, my friends. Hope the dude gets better but it really looks like Manning is going to be struggling for the foreseeable future. This is unlike my fantasy football team. I started six players who were not taken in the draft and I stopped playing Calvin Johnson. What could possibly go wrong?


Hey now. I usually put in this article just a simple win or a simple loss. But with my new team I am feeling saucy. My new running back Charcandrick West went crazy. My new wide receiver Michael Floyd went crazy. Those two added a much needed boost and “The Cromwell Demolition” went for 141 points. This was a much needed win and lifted my record to 4-6. I am hopeful this new lineup will deliver going forward.

Am I Seeing Things?

Aaron Rodgers loses to Detroit at home. The “I don’t have a team president or general manager” Detroit Lions. The Lions that were in disarray the whole season. The Lions that were 0-4 on the road this season. The Lions that had lost 24 straight games in Wisconsin. Yeah. Those Lions. Then I see Peyton Manning throw more interceptions and he gets benched and he gets booed at home. Booing Peyton Manning at home? I have to get my eyes checked because I must be seeing things. The only thing that makes sense this year is the performance of Tom Brady. At least he has an axe to grind so it is reasonable. My diary entry is about the changes in the NFL.

Dear Diary

The NFL is changing before our eyes. As teams like Dallas get into trouble with players, there are always teams that seem to stay above the fray. This is very difficult to achieve as the lowest common denominator is always sought out in these times. It is far easier to say something outrageous than to hold back.

All storytellers and reporters take this tact a lot of the time and they will exaggerate to make a point. It is not really lying but it is very glorified tale telling. Conclusions are drawn as well as lines in the sand.

Even if it comes out later that nothing was said, the battle lines have been drawn. Sometimes it is just better to shoot their mouth off first and talk much later or if not at all.

Boy. Society is messed up sometimes.

Master D.

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