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Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and may the holiday bring much-needed time for whatever your tradition has become. It seems like the traditional Norman Rockwell scene has been replaced with chaos and of course the National Football League. The first Thursday set of games happened once a year and you could count on Detroit and Dallas hosting teams. The game started in my childhood home just when everyone was ready to eat. We ate early so everyone was complete by the start of the second game. Well now you get Thursday games every week and now on Thanksgiving you get a third game. This year it will be the New York Giants heading to play Washington. So pick your team wisely. As for me this last week is another stressful affair. Let’s see how this week went.

What Was That?

I am desperately trying to get into the playoffs and with a few weeks left I had to rely upon Dak Prescott bringing Dallas to a magnificent win over its main rival, Philadelphia.  So come on Dak Prescott and bring the flames of glory for Dallas over the first-place team in their division that would be Philadelphia. Then you look and it is the third quarter and Prescott is going for zero points. Prescott ends up with two points in my strong quarterback league that is very difficult to overcome. My opponent had Matt Stafford and Brandin Cooks combine for 52 points and my quarterback/wide receiver combination went for only 18 points. That means a loss. With that I am 6-5 and desperate for a win with time running out.

Two More Weeks To Go

Will I win the last two weeks and get into the playoffs? With two weeks to go I desperately am trying to stay relevant but there is a three-way battle for third place in my league. It is chaotic times. Be on the lookout for foul weather like the game that was hosted by the New York Giants against Kansas City over the weekend. The wind was so strong that it became impossible to get any rhythm going. And the resulting overtime game that went for a score of 12-9 did not do much for the way of huge offense. Games like that will bring your fantasy football team closer to defeat than victory. The key is to stay vigilant and pay attention to the weather; it is better if your team is in a dome or a warm weather climate. My diary entry is of course about giving thanks.

Dear Diary

When I think of Thanksgiving I think about all of the traditions set forth by my parents. There is the tradition of the turkey. There is the tradition of pumpkin pie. There is the tradition of the stuffing. There are the aromas that flooded the kitchen and when it was about time to put out the feast the kitchen sang with a triumphant chorus of foodstuffs. Excitement and people interrupted all the day through. Another highlight were my family members who spoke irreverently about the football game especially when a bad play occurred. Ah those were good times that cannot be taken away.

So I am grateful for another Thanksgiving. The year is rapidly closing and next week’s article is a state of the NFL season. All is revealed for Thanksgiving, the stepping off point for many teams. Some step off a cliff and some step into a glorious playoff run.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Master D.

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