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Hello and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.  I consider it one of the greatest holidays because most people get Thursday and Friday off.  How cool is that? So enjoy your Turkey.  Enjoy your stuffing.  Devour that pumpkin pie.  Thanksgiving is a national holiday signed into law by none other than President Abraham Lincoln.  It makes me understand his meme at the time for our nation was embroiled in all things war between the North and the South.  Remember this friend, Thanksgiving was made a Holiday in 1863 and the Civil War ended in 1865.  Yikes!  So eat that Turkey and eat that Pumpkin Pie and be kind to your fellow American.  But what is on tap this Thursday in the NFL?

The games this year are The Detroit Lions hosting The Chicago Bears, The Washington Redskins at The Dallas Cowboys, and we end the evening with The Atlanta Falcons traveling to Louisiana to take on The New Orleans Saints.  Get your Tryptophan on and enjoy!  As for my team, it has come to pass that I am in trouble.

The Virginator is in Trouble

I repeat…The Virginator is in trouble.  All of the pieces of my fantasy football team that worked me out to an 8-1 season after nine weeks have devolved into a cryptocurrency debacle and a two-game losing streak.  My whole team is suffering.  I rode three players like a QB Matt Ryan and RB James Conner and WR Julio Jones for 70-90 points each week and let the other parts of my teamwork it out for the victory.  I noticed recently that James Conner appears to be worn out and now I know why.  The Steelers maybe were going to try and get a full season out of Conner in 9 games believing that a refreshed Le’Veon Belle was on the horizon….NOT! So I have to scour the waiver wire for those waivers that just are not there.  But we must always try.  That is the Virginator motto.  Just swing for the fences.

Two More Weeks To Go

I have secured a playoff spot in my league so all is well.  I am trying to currently get a first-week bye which always helps but only happens if you win your division.  I am holding on to a one-game lead and all is up in the air.  My team needs assistance and I do not know where I will turn.  But I am never going to stop trying to improve my team.  Some new players are in the mix with the end of the NFL season coming up.  Points are points and I have been trying desperately to acquire them.

My diary entry is of course about All Things Thanks.

Dear Diary

I so enjoy watching A Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving.  I am sure that I actually mention it once every four years or so within this article.  I have spent time breaking down this cartoon-like someone with a crazy and obscure addiction.  For me the character that takes the day is Franklin.  It is 1973 folks when this debuted so now you may understand what I am talking about.  But the reality about the show is profound.  Erstwhile children get invited to a Thanksgiving Feast with what can be found around the home on a ping pong table.   The meal is constructed by a beagle (Snoopy) and a bird (Woodstock) much to the dismay of the expectations of the invitees.  Peppermint Patty calls Chuck out about the awful food provided only to result in an invitation by Charlie Brown’s grandmother to her “house” for Thanksgiving.  Now your natural reaction to this should be … are all these children without a family?  But somehow they all pack in to a Brady Bunch backward facing station wagon to sing “Over the river and through the woods to Grandmother’s house we go!”  The punch line is delivered by Charlie Brown when he exclaims that his Grandmother lives in a condo.

Then they break to the very feast that Peppermint Patty desired being architected and devoured by Snoopy and Woodstock.  Full Turkey and Stuffing and all the fixins along with a pie and the duel between the wishbone….which Woodstock naturally wins.  He is a bird anyways right? There is a side of me that cannot get over the awkward nature of the whole denouement.  The scene is one where there is the joy of a bird (Woodstock) eating Turkey which is a bird and then winning the wishbone because he is an insider.  Yes, I just said that.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Master D.

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