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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin – Week 12

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  This day was brought to you by none other President Abraham Lincoln in 1863.  Up until that presidential proclamation, the individual states celebrated their own day.  Some were the same.  Some were not.  Now how many Black Fridays could that be?  Lincoln made it the last Thursday of November.  Then Franklin D. Roosevelt made it the fourth Thursday in 1941 with the hopes it would add one more weekend of shopping providing an economic boost.   Professional football started on Thanksgiving in the 1890s.  Oh.  The Dallas Cowboys started hosting in 1966.  The Detroit Lions joined the fray during the AFL-NFL merger of 1970.  But it is 2015 and there are three weeks to go in the traditional Fantasy Football season.  As the season comes to a close, will I get back to .500?

Just Keep That Lineup Rolling

Just keep playing virginators.  Just keep on keeping on and hope to catch lightning in a bottle at the end of the year.  So to that end you have to work through the ups and through the downs.   Through the Philip Rivers nightmares and through the Peyton Manning benching, for injury of course.  My team had a lineup of seven players that were not drafted.  To that end I did not start WR Calvin Johnson and true to form, I win.  It was an ugly win but it was a win nonetheless.  Something is entirely wrong when Megatron does not start and I win even when his performance is not that bad.  So my goal is to somehow find that lightning in a bottle and first get to .500.  That will be this week.  My diary entry is as always about giving thanks.

What I Am Thankful For

I am thankful for everything I have earned in my life so far.  I am thankful for my family.  I am thankful for my beautiful wife.  Thanks is a sense of being grateful.  It is about counting your blessings and taking a step back from the forward, forever-connected, over-stimulated society we live in today.

In many ways the Thanksgiving day Football games in the NFL may be the longest time families sit in one spot.  I suggest that there is a technology blackout during the meal and the subsequent food coma.  Give your Grandfather some time to rest and take in all of the cacophony this day brings.


Master D.

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