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So this is the 13th week and for all you triscadekaphobics the world is sublime.  However, I am desperately trying to salvage my season.  This week I am going up against a seasoned pro in Phil.  He is the owner of P-Men.  He is a worthy adversary and trust you me the end of the year is nigh.  With one week to go in our season, it is super serious like Tom Brady‘s knee.  Don’t you want to go?  It is 1999.

Hello…I started you?

So, I started my best lineup and it just didn’t matter.  There are stuff and there is stuff and I am the recipient of all of it.  I try to be profound but sometimes you lose as a loser.  I put my best team out and lost by a solid 40 points. Really?  So…it is almost the first week of December and my team is filled with injuries and has beens.  This is just a friendly reminder to all of you.  I only own one team.  This is all I get.  And all I am getting is all I deserve.  With one more week to go I am buoyed by optimism and distraught by reality.  But don’t all of us feel this way? Oh Dear me from this mess.

Dear Diary

Christmas is on again….I say this every year and the festive shows and wonderful Christmas specials that are portrayed do not fully represent Christmas 2016.  It has become this weird combination of gifts that would never make sense 2 years ago.  My nephews desire “drones.”  My great friend Carl talks about his “drone.”  He shows me video of his drone. He has wonderful video of the light fantango taken by his drone.  The problem is that everyone has not been able to embrace the real future.  That is our ability to let go of the past.

Done on purpose.  Hugs!!!

Master D.

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