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Week thirteen has arrived and can it possibly be?  My league has a 13 week regular schedule with 3 weeks of playoffs similar to the NFL.  So this is my last week and the drama is … well palpable.  So this is how it works in my league for those just joining in.  With only ten teams in the league it works out quite nicely.  The top 6 play for the whole enchilada and the bottom 4 play for the bucket bowl.  So I am into the last week of my league.  I am suffering triskaidekaphobia!  That would be an extreme superstition regarding the number 13.  You know what that is … when all the Friday the 13th stuff happens.  So … on to the week that happened in Thanksgiving 2017.

Well That Happened … 

Thanksgiving football is a gift.  I find the whole experience an eerily awesome (earsome?) experience.  Is it the Turkey? Is it the stuffing?  Is it the family? Is it the adult beverages?  It is all of the above.  And there is a time where all of it is abandoned. All of these things are equally understood.

The first game was the Minnesota Vikings at the Detroit Lions.  The Fantasy Football story regarding this game was the attempted 4th quarter comeback by Matthew Stafford.  Oh he has done it plenty of times.  This is great for Fantasy Football owners of Matthew Stafford but really?  It sounds so familiar that I feel as I am suffering from deja vu.  I did – but this time Detroit lost.

The second game was the Los Angeles Chargers traveling into Dallas to face the Dallas Cowboys.  On a personal note I am the proud owner of Dak Prescott and well.. it has been a whirlwind ride but the 37 points from Dak Week 7 were epic.  However, the offensive line has been well.. “offensive” lately and the result is a fantastic story of another lost quarterback in the sea of the NFL.  One lesson to learn is that every quarterback is as talented as their Offensive Line.

The third game was great game on paper.  The New York Giants at the Washington Redskins!  So great back in August or earlier right?  Wrong!  Two time Super Bowl Champion Eli Manning goes for a solid 113 yards with no touchdowns and one interception.  Uh oh.  And I have TE Evan Engram!  What the What?  The virginator has to win …. to just maintain.   How did it work out?

Thank You Robby Anderson!

A few weeks ago I picked up WR Robby Anderson because he was the new primary receiver in the realm of the NY Jets!  It resulted in a 32 burger!  That is the primary end to the situation because those 32 points were the end of the end for this week.   On a side note it was awesome to see the long throw from QB Josh McCown to Robby Anderson in a Nerf Football moment of my youth.   It happened that way.   And the virginator pulled out a win.  I am 7-5 heading into the last week of our Fantasy Football League.  I am doing much better than the predicted last place from the “robot” who predicted my demise the first week of the Fantasy Football Season.  My diary entry is all about nuance.

Dear Diary

I have written over 150 articles on this very website.  You know what?  They are not the number one article.  They are not the longest either but they are sincere.  I care about every one who comes to this website.  I have brought insight un-forgiven.  With the holidays it is the greatest and most beautiful time of the year.  I cannot explain how great it is that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are together.  I wish the best for those kids.  Marriage is … tough and marriage to a Royal is unusual.

What would happen if the Queen said no?  …. it did not happen so all is well. Next week is the end game for the virginator.  That is why the we bring happiness when the end is nigh.  As Disney World says … “Beware of hitchhiking ghosts!”

Master D.

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