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Week 13 and fear of the number 13 is known as triskaidekaphobia.  In my Fantasy Football League, it is the last week of our season. After starting out the year 8-1 on the styling play of QBs Matt Ryan and Deshaun Watson along with RB James Conner and WR Julio Jones, I have been struggling to score points lately.  All of the buttons I pushed to get to that fast start were working. The same buttons are not working and I am coming into the last week of our season on a 3-game losing streak. Let us see how we got here.

Scientific Thought vs Emotion

I have a decent lineup and I have a fantastic bench.  And on that bench is WR Amari Cooper because he has been struggling to score.  But it is Thanksgiving Football and the Cowboys are rolling. Amari Cooper goes for  a 38 burger and I lose the week. That is emotion and that is why sometimes you have to feel your way through the week.  I had also set up for the Bills DST for inclement cold weather that just came a few days too early. As a result the DST did alright but they did not go bonkers in a snowy Buffalo scene.  So what happens next?

Preparing For The Playoffs

If you know you are going to be in the playoffs it is never too early to prepare.  If inclement weather strikes a part of the country and you have a chance to get a decent DST team at home and not in a dome, go for it.  It also works the other way. If you have players on a team that play in a dome by all means favor those players as well. Always play the players that helped you get to the playoffs and set your lineup and try not to overthink.  I will be trying to get my team on track this week after a 3-game losing streak. I actually have enough wins to get into the playoffs but my lead in the standings is gone so I need to win and hope for help from my opponents.

My diary entry is about the holiday weekend.

Dear Diary

The holiday weekend is bittersweet with the recent passing of my mother.  So things are quieter and the Turkey just is missing something. This is the real world and as we go through the generations, children grow up and grandparents and parents die.  I guess I am at the age where it is becoming all too real for my life as well. Yikes!

So I get back to Fantasy Football and immerse myself into a playoff run.  Will the Virginator pull through this year? One more week will reveal the results right here in this article.  

Stay Tuned!

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