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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin – Week 13

The thirteenth week of the NFL season has arrived.  The fear of thirteen for me is real.  No.  It is not the Turkey coma, scary grandma, or that slightly “preserved” Uncle.  How do you get by?  No my friends, this is my third time trying to get my Fantasy Football team to .500.  Here is the problem.  I have to start WR Calvin Johnson.  Now there is something spooky going on with the relationship between me and Megatron.  When I bench him, I win.  When I start him I lose.  But Megatron is going for 25 easy or even 30!  This is the week I make it.

Make It Not!

WR Calvin Johnson does not disappoint and he goes for 35 points in my league!  My opponent however decided to bring out the big guns with big weeks.  QB Russell Wilson went for 48.  WR Brandon Marshall went for 34.  And the icing on the cake, the Carolina Panthers went for 30 against the Cowboys.  These three not only went for year high performances but these numbers alone defeated my whole team.  I find myself at a 5-7 mess with only two more games to go this year.  And the only five wins I have this year are when I am not starting WR Calvin Johnson.  Who knew!  Well now my article is all about the state of the NFL season.

The NFL Makes a Statement

Deflategate! Ray Rice! Greg Hardy!  These titles may have a meaning.  These may not.  All of them refer to supposed black eyes on the NFL.  The TV ratings came out for the Fall and there is a top 30 rating list of television shows in America.  How many television shows were NFL games?  None other than 27 my friends.  We are either coming to an intersection in the future path of television or our society is so divided that you can watch whatever you want.  But when you want to watch something and agree, it appears that we agree the NFL is the de-facto entertainment in America.  What does it mean? It means that the NFL does not need any more help.

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