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I write this article because Julian Edelman is not going for a “50 burger.” That means victory in the playoffs for the Cromwell Demolition! I will get to how I did it later but let us begin the article, OK? Hey! Sorry to keep you on pins and needles but the Fantasy Virgin a.k.a. me made it to the tier 1 playoffs of my 10 team league. You see with 10 teams there are plenty of players and throw in a little bit of 6 points for every TD by a QB and you have statistical madness. But it is all in good fun and everyone in my league is a great person. But every year at this point we have to focus on the year that was. Advice from a commissioner.

The Year That Was…Some Advice From a Commish

This was the fifth year where I was not only my usual Fantasy Virgin but I was the commissioner. Our league is still going and it is in its 15th year. This year, we dropped some participants and got some participants. But we are still with 10 teams.

With a league of only 10 teams I kept a two-tier playoff system within an East and West Division of 5 teams apiece. There would be three weeks of playoffs with the top two teams receiving a bye. The 2nd and 3rd place teams would play in week 13 for a division championship game in Week 14 and then the fantasy football championship in Week 15.

The bottom four teams would play for the Bucket Bowl. It is important to make your season matter. Nothing is worse for league morale than someone losing the whole year only to win the last three weeks. Make your season count.

As with the previous 5 years, I made the QB strong and awarded 6 points per TD instead of the usual 3. Did everyone learn from last three years and were more than 5 QBs taken in the first round of the draft? That would be NO! Still only 4 QBs were taken in the first round. When is my league going to learn?

So, I pull the stats at the end of 2015 and QBs in my QB-strong league took up the top 12 slots in scoring. Yes, you did hear that right. The beauty of this scoring system is that there are 10 teams in the league and if 9 take up the top scoring spots, then everyone has an equal chance at competing. You just have to pick the right QB to be in the top 9 my friends. It’s a chess game within a chess game. And I tell everyone in the league every year and do they listen…NO! Still it was a no in 2016.

For one example TE Rob Gronkowski was taken in the first round of my draft. He not only didn’t played the first 4-5 weeks, but now he is out with an injury! What the heck is up with that? I have learned that a wasted draft position early on leaves you scrambling throughout the year. So be careful!

As for my team, I sneaked into the playoffs. Only by divisional record mind you. So the Cromwell Demolition are in the playoffs. So that is the next portion of the article. The playoff push.

The Playoff Push/Is It Cold Where You Are?

So. Back in August I spoke of the draft. What did I say? There is something about a draft that involves the best players from the best teams with the best records and their environment. More so happens, I had none other than 4 domes, 3 warm weathers, and only 1 cold weather player Week 13 to choose from for my team. This did not work out in December of 2015 as the average temperature in the US was about 50 degrees. But it is 2016 my friends and the Virgin lucks out. See that snowstorm in Buffalo? Come on!

In the end, I actually won by picking up the Atlanta Falcon defense against QB Jared Goff. The 31 points won by the Atlanta Falcons defense sent me into the championship of the West Division of the Husky Blue (Founded by a UCONN Husky Fan in 2002) Fantasy Football league. Ha!

Note: My opponent this week was Darin. He is not only a wonderful friend but my golf partner. He won the league last year. He was favored in all categories with all of his players.  His debacle came in the form of QB Jameis Winston and RB David Johnson. Those dudes did not show up and well that is what happens in fantasy football.

My Diary entry is about mankind and winter.

Dear Diary

Winter descended on the NFL this weekend. It was cold and it transferred really well on television. The Green Bay Packers proved that something is wrong with the environment in that all Green Bay Packers teams are automatically designed to win on the “frozen tundra of Lambeau Field.” What is up with that? But next I need to give a shout out. I normally never do this.

There are times in your life when you need assistance and they come from the most unusual places. So in a Virginator first, I would like to thank Lora and Jey for taking care of me elderly mum. Respect of the elderly is something we should embrace in society and not throw away.

I am forever grateful. God Bless.

Master D.

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