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Hear Ye One!  Hear Ye All!  Let it be known that The Cromwell Demolition on December 3rd in the 2018th day of our Lord has secured the top seed in the East  of the Husky Blue FFL. The league was established the first year I wrote an article which was 2002. I am granted a bye week but after an 8-1 start I come into the playoffs with a bunch of player issues and a 9-4 record. Before we get into them we have to analyze the state of the NFL playoffs.

State of the NFL Playoffs — AFC

The NFL reveals all of their issues when the first week of December rolls around. The Chiefs at 10-2 hold a one game lead over the Patriots for the projected 1st seed in the AFC. The rest is all a jumble with the Texans, Steelers, Chargers, and Ravens holding on to the 4th – 6th seeds respectively. Where it gets crazy is that there are no less than four teams in the Dolphins, Colts, Broncos, and Titans with a chance. The Bengals could sneak in there but they would need help from Baltimore and Pittsburgh. The Ravens hold only a one game lead over the four teams in the hunt. Hold onto your hat for it is going to be a bumpy ride. I will revisit this with one week to go but the playoff teams are rounding into shape. The cream always rises to the top.

State of the NFL Playoffs — NFC

The NFC is in a similar situation as the AFC. The Rams hold a one game lead over the New Orleans Saints for the top seed. But after that the Bears, Cowboys, Seahawks, and Redskins hold on to the 4th – 6th seeds. In the hunt are the Vikings, Panthers, Eagles and Buccaneers. The NFC East is outrageous with teams that within one or two games of each other and they all play down the stretch. But I must talk about one team in particular when it comes to the NFC.

The disappointment in all of this is the absence of the Green Bay Packers who will not make the playoffs for the 2nd year in a row and fired their coach. All of the chatter about Aaron Rodgers vs Tom Brady seems irrelevant now but it was a H.O.T. topic back then. What happened? The NFL happened and a common saying is that NFL stands for Not For Long as such was the case. But speaking of cases, how did my team perform in the last week for our league?

Just Enough

In my league it is an NFL style playoff system. It is a 10 team division. The Top 3 teams in each division make the playoffs with the top team getting a bye. The bottom line is that the final four teams play for the bucket bowl. This is also known as the best of the worst. This is ideal because any one can swoop in and win at the end of the year so there should be consequences in your league. There should always be consequences in your league.

On the last week of our fantasy football season, RB Phillip Lindsay, RB James Conner, and QB Deshaun Watson went for a combined 70 points. Only Phillip Lindsay went for a 28 burger but that was enough. I have been winning by getting 90 points from my Top 3 players and coasting in. That is how the first 8 wins out of 9  games went anyways. I will take the top spot and cruise into the bye week looking for help.

Look for players like RB Darren Sproles  and RB Justin Jackson to tuck away in case of an emergency.

My diary entry is of course about this holiday season.

Dear Diary

This holiday season brings only memories of my mother and my father for now both of them have passed. When both of your parents are gone and you put the ornaments on the Christmas tree you get very emotional when the one you unwrapped was from one or both of them. They have little handwritten things on the bottom like “Tim and Jill X-Mas 2001 Love Mom & Dad”. And I wipe a tear as I carefully place the ornament on the tree. Can’t un-break that kind of stuff you know?

My only suggestion to you folks out there is to realize that we are not long for this world and put a small card along with the ornament gift that relays a story of a Christmas past. The feelings will be all the more cherished for the story would be coming from a place that would be familiar and then but only a memory.

So Happy Holidays from the Virginator my friends.  Our tree is up and Christmas begins now!

Master D.

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