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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin – Week 14

For everyone not paying attention, Week 14 is the end of the fantasy football season for some.  For the rest it is Week 15.  The difference between the 14 and 15 week season comes down to you having a bye week in a 14-week season and no bye week in a 15-week season. All of these seasons are troublesome for the simple fact that if your team is performing, the teams that your players are on are performing.  Hey.  Guess what?  They will rest that dude in a heartbeat.  This is how the Fantasy Football Championship was lost last year by yours truly my friends.  The Colts decided to sit QB Andrew Luck.  Come on!  Well Indianapolis did go on to the conference finals.  So this is what you are trying to avoid.  As for my week, it comes down to WR DeSean Jackson vs. the very same defense he plays for.  What happens next?

Come On Washington Redskins Defense

Dallas QB Tony Romo is out.  The Washington Redskins are at home and two weeks ago I picked them up on a flier for this game to replace the struggling Green Bay Packers defense.  The Green Bay defense struggled this week and the Washington defense had a great first half.  Did they hold it together and did DeSean Jackson not go for 40?  Of course and this is my final week to try and get to .500.  It may not even be enough for me to make the playoffs but I will give it my best shot.  This entire year has been three steps backward followed by two steps forward only to get to 1 game under .500.  And three times this happened only to have me lose all three times.  What will the fourth time bring?  My diary entry is about a typical Sunday with Andrew Siciliano, the RedZone and my 80-year-old mother.

Dear Diary

Between generations there exist this invisible membrane.  This membrane manifests itself in many ways.  Usually if it involves an Octogenarian the banter includes Frank Sinatra and the original Rat Pack.  It also includes real stories of the depression told by their parents.  For this, I am very proud and respectful.  But it also goes in the other direction.

“Timothy! He had the ball. Why don’t they have it any more?” I cringe and realize that Andrew Siciliano is white noise!  His banter flows over the sound waves and is impenetrable to those who are unaware!  So I politely explain to my mother that this is something called the RedZone.  The interception that she saw happen on the RedZone and what happens when this occurs is the team is no longer in the said red zone.  This obviates Andrew Siciliano to mention another team in the said red zone.  We move onto that team with such aplomb that my mother is unable to distinguish the wardrobe changes on the television.

RedZone host Andrew Siciliano.

However, this seems to pass through the ether and I am forced to explain it another three times to no avail.

Well that is ok because it’s my mom and I love her.

Master D.

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