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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin – Week 15

The playoffs are here. It is also the fourth and final time I am trying to get to .500. My league has a 3-week playoff schedule complete with a bye week for the best team. Also, in order to prevent someone who did not perform all year, the bottom four teams play in their own playoff for the infamous “Bucket Bow.l. No last minute Aaron Rodgers “Hail Marys” allowed in my league. It is pay for performance. So how did it go down?

Down Again

How can this be?  This year is all about two games.  I made two poor decisions which resulted in two unnecessary losses.  Trying to get too cute and not playing RB Chris Johnson on a Monday Night cost me one game and not benching WR Calvin Johnson was my other hiccup.  All I had to do is win one of those games and I would have made the first tier of the playoffs.  As it was, I tied for 3rd place with two other teams which is great right?  Well, the tiebreakers took me down to last place and my team did not really show up this week.

My very best lineup had me losing by 2 points, so it was not the coaching that let me down.  It ended up being WR Demaryius Thomas and QB Aaron Rodgers, they let my team down.  But it was a great year because I never gave up and four times I got to try and play for .500 after starting out the season 0-2.  I will go into this next week with my Fantasy Football season recap article.  Will I be in last place?  Or will I be in 2nd to last?  One last chance at a win.  But I have to help you this week.  Here are some fundamentals to being successful come the playoffs.

Successful Playoff Fantasy Football Tips

These may be common sense to you, but sometimes it bears repeating.  Human beings have a tendency to overthink everything and that includes fantasy football playoff games.  So follow these simple rules and win your fantasy playoff games.  They are not in any particular order so enjoy.

Insurance : Do you have a very good player on an NFL playoff-bound team?  Get his backup.  Everyone who had TE Rob Gronkowski and picked up TE Scott Chandler felt so much better about their decision.  Sometimes the teams that qualify for the playoffs bench their best players, so watch out.

Besties : Analyze your last three weeks and play the best players from those weeks.  Ignore possible hits or misses and go with the best of your best.  If that does not work, you were not going to win anyways.

Checkmate : Analyze your opponents moves the last three weeks.  If they are picking up fliers at a DST or a flier at TE, try picking up the player or DST that they would pick.  You do not have to play that pickup but you ensure that your opponent will not get them as well.  This falls under sometimes the best offense is a great defense.

Weather or Not : Maybe not this year, but miserable weather can sometimes be a factor this time of year.  If this happens, try to avoid RBs in blinding snowstorms.  Note that WRs may do well because of difficult footing.  The weather can be your enemy or it can be your friend.

Apply these to your team this year and you will rest knowing that you made it your best effort. That is all that you can do when it is one and done.  Good luck in the playoffs everyone.

Master D.

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