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Happy Holidays everyone. Christmas on a Sunday is weird. Everyone thinks it is further away but it really is not at all. We are two or three days from everything stopping. But back to fantasy football my friends. So here we are. It is Week 16 in fantasy football. I find myself in the West Division Championship. The winner goes on to play in the final game of the year of my league. Here is where art meets science meets opportunity meets weather meets luck. So how did I get this point? A little bit of it all. So come along for the ride that was the weekend of The Cromwell Demolition.

Just Don’t Step In It … Just Don’t Step In It

Just to keep you up to date in the saga of the playoffs, my team, The Cromwell Demolition, is playing for the Western Division Championship. Win this week and you get the right to play for the Fantasy Football Championship. A loss and you are on the outside looking in. Unlike most of the people I know, I own only one fantasy football team. That is all. I literally live and die with my team each week. And this week does not look good for me on paper.

It all comes down to smoke and mirrors for my team. I have had players go for 0 points in the past. I have had the same players go for 30 points. Who should I play? For me it was quite simple. Bank on the pathetic Cleveland Browns. I started QB Tyrod Taylor for the first time. I picked up TE Charles Clay. I even held onto the Buffalo Bills defense for the frigid outcome? How did it work out?

In the end, I was upended by the 60 points scored by my opponents QB Matt Ryan who went for 26 and RB Devonta Freeman who went for 34. At the same time, I left 28 points of RB Jordan Howard and 37 points of WR Brandin Cooks on the bench. This combination sent me home packing. Overall, it was a challenging year but making it to the final four is not so bad. I could be playing for the bucket bowl!  There is always next year!

So, I am off to play the 3rd place game in our Fantasy Football League. Good luck to Steve, the owner of the MTNRANGERS for winning the West Division.

Dear Diary

I have one more week of fantasy football talk and then we will get to the prognostication portion of my penmanship for this wonderful website. This year is a little bit different in that I write of a Christmas that is just under a week away. It may seem forever but it is coming fast.

It will be the fifth Christmas without my dad who left this earth in 2011. It is a bittersweet time for I think of him often and how he would get the oversized tree and somehow fit it into the house. It would reflect upon the visitors who would immediately ask “How did you get that tree in the house?” You see, none of those guests witnessed the dragging and wrenching and winching and well you get the point. But somehow the tree made it in and it was decorated.

Christmas morning seemed just so dark and seeing the presents in the morning darkness added to the scene. I always relive it with the watching of A Christmas Story. The film debuted in 1983 and even though it was a reflection of Jean Shepherd’s 1940’s childhood, it works even today.

So enjoy your family and stay safe this holiday.

Master D.

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