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It is the 16th week of the NFL season and if you are in the fantasy playoffs, congratulations! In my league, I have made it to the final-four. This means just picking your team correctly and going with the flow. I have a very devious secret to reveal. I have based my whole year on this very weekend. The weekend that was just played. If I were to get here with a chance in the playoffs, I just have to go with the obvious situations, right? Let us review those situations, shall we?

I am in a Super Sweet Position … Not!

So, my team, the Cromwell Demolition, has been ahead the whole year and actually won the East division of the HuskyBlue league in fantasy football. What is weird is the fact that … in no particular order …

  • I only play one fantasy football team. I know several people who are amazed that I only play one team. I am always confronted with stories about how one or two or three teams out of their 10 teams are performing above expectations. Imagine the stress of only one team and one team only! Welcome to my Freaky Fantasy Virginator World!
  • So … I set up my season to depend upon the following laziness. You have to admit there is laziness at the end of the NFL year. And they are the usual suspects.
    1. I bet big on the New York Jets giving up more than 40 points to Houston … uh-oh.
    2. I bet big on the fact that wide receiver Amari Cooper would go for (at least) a respectable 30 points after getting 49 with Dallas last week. Especially against Indianapolis, right? …double uh-oh.
    3. And then I am forced to experience the worst part of it all. I needed Denver to smoke Cleveland at home. I have Denver’s defense. I have running back Phillip Lindsay. Visions of 20 and 28 points dancing in my head! … Triple uh-oh!

But big bets are made and lost like cryptocurrency in December of 2017 until today. And when all three above do not come through, it is painful. I am so happy to have three to play. I tried to build it out. And I only lost by 17 points! Seventeen! Here is the kicker. If I started running back Joe Mixon over wide receiver Amari Cooper or running back Phillip Lindsay, I would be in the finals! But it is Indianapolis. And it is Denver … at home! Come on!

I spend my whole year starting in August only to lose by 17 points defeated by the positive play of the New York Jets, Cleveland and Indianapolis. Oh the pity of it all!

For The Virginator … It Ends Tonight

I was so darn close to being a fantasy football finalist. I really had a chance. But I ended up believing too much in the inability of the Jets, Indianapolis and Cleveland. I really enjoyed my team. We ran out to an 8-1 start only to stumble with the inability or injury of running back James Conner. When he was in play, I had a stabilized offense. In the end, running back James Conner’s 30-point games were what I survived and won on. But injuries make the NFL season saucy and I was filled with the sauce this week.

My diary entry is about a week before Christmas.

Dear Diary

It is the week before Christmas. We have an extra week this year. A week for all of us to purchase more and a week to hug our loved ones. I will be writing one week from now on Christmas Eve, which is very very very strange. This does not happen that often. In fact, it only happens like once every 10 years or so.

So I will save all the Christmas speak until next week. I don’t think it will be that profound because I am playing for the third-place game in my league. But at least I made it to the Top 4 and had a chance to win it all. I just put all my eggs in the wrong basket. So much for logic!

Good Luck everyone in your championship game who are participating.

Master D.

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