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It is championship week in fantasy football land. I am stuck in the consolation game for third place. It is the end of the line for the fantasy football portion of this article and I will be transitioning to the NFL and write all the way up to the Super Bowl. Come along for the ride and let’s have some fun, shall we? Now on to my third-place game.

Bring On The Luck and Bring On The Bryant

Andrew Luck had a great game in a tough loss to Oakland. He got me 31 points and things were looking up. It got even scarier when my kicker Matt Bryant went for 23 points on four field goals and three extra points. But I had some dud performances in Jordan Howard and Demaryius Thomas. The weather in Kansas City was just so outrageous that Denver could not find its own footing and I mean this literally and figuratively.

My opponent whose team is named “Heavy D” countered with Tom Brady and Ezekiel Elliot. The crazy part is that his team found the end zone nine times. My team only found the end zone three times and yet I only lost by 17 points. But a loss is a loss and I end the fantasy football season in fourth place.

Every year I look and see if my team had the temerity to “win it all” and this year I did as I outscored both teams in the championship game. The tough part, however, is getting to that game and I came up one game short. Hey. There is always next year, right?

My diary entry is about the upcoming New Year.

Dear Diary

It will soon be 2017. That means we are 17 years removed from the year 2000, which many of us “oldish” Generation X-ers looked forward to. But 2000 came, followed by the Millennium in 2001. Although everyone celebrated it in 2000 it was celebrated wrongly, nonetheless. Maybe it was a dare but no one wanted to be late I guess.

For those who need to know why the millennium occurs on 1001 and 2001 it’s because there was no year 0. It just started in Year 1.

So Happy New Year everyone and may this New Year bring about your personal success story.

And by all means be safe.

Master D.

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