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Listen my friends.  It has come to pass that the statutory system is involved in an automatic interval.  This is my gift to my friends on this holiday  The system is very Jimmy Garoppolo and I am nonetheless affected. Certainly so. It is a very good day to be normal. This is not that day I predicted. My laughter between  incidents is a profound experience. Ha! Merry Christmas to all! And to all a good night.

Did You Really Know That?

I actually took Christmas off!!! I had this whole system prepared. It was excellent in my mind but it did not solve the Rubik’s Cube in my head.  My wife said to me that, “worthy is wisdom.”  I retorted that “want is a system of refute.” And  I lost yet again.  The weird part is, that I always  had a winning hand but it was on my bench! Did that really happen? Yes….yes it did.

My diary entry is about the upcoming New Year.

Dear Diary

It will be shortly 2018. Which means that we are 18 years removed from the Year 2000 which makes many of us “oldish” generation X’ers looked forward to.  But the Year 2000 came, followed by the Millenium in 2001.  Although everyone celebrated it in the Year 2000 it was celebrated wrongly nonetheless.  Maybe it was a dare but no one wanted to be late I guess.

For those who need to know why the millennium occurs on 1001 and 2001 is because there was no year 0.  It just started in year 1.

So Happy New Year everyone and may this New Year bring about your personal success story.

And by all means be safe.

Master D.

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