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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin – Week 17

Hello, one and all.  It is the last week of most fantasy football leagues.  The long journey has come to an end.  This means starting next week you get the Fantasy Virgin prognostication articles that run right through the week leading up to Super Bowl 50.  For those keeping track in Roman Numerals that would be L.  So we get to see everything leading up to Super Bowl L.  It just seems so short compared to Super Bowl XLIX.  This means we will be living LI, LII, LIII and so forth in the coming years.  Oh joy!  But we must start this article with the sound of champagne corks popping all over south Florida in the Miami area of course.

What Was That Sound?

Champagne corks!  You are not on the Mickey’s Philharmagic ride in the Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom Resort.  That is the sound made when the 14-0 Carolina Panthers lose a game to the 7-7 Atlanta Falcons.  The 1972 Miami Dolphins celebrate the last team that can make a run at their undefeated season.  The Miami Dolphins of that season have grown from multiple respected players who “got lucky” (their opponents had an aggregate .397 winning pct) to a juggernaut.  So congratulations to the Miami Dolphins.  They are still the only team to go undefeated in the NFL regular season AND the postseason.  The Patriots lost their bid against the NY Giants in Super Bowl XLIII.  Now that everyone on the Miami Dolphins team is mature, I am sure that it is just a formality with a Skype interaction amongst teammates, right?  There is always next year but the important part of the conversation is that going undefeated in the NFL is an impressive accomplishment going forward with the new scheduling system that was not in place in 1972.

Championship Time In My League

It is championship time and I look at the players on the two championship teams every year and this year is no different.  Very good NFL players make very good fantasy football teams.  One of the teams got to the championship game on the backs of Antonio Brown and Todd Gurley.  The other team got to this spot on the backs of Amari Cooper and Julio Jones.  But injuries happened to both teams and the final game is going to be closer than ever.  In the end, my team would not have won the championship game this year and for a ninth place team it makes perfect sense.

Next week it is all NFL baby and we answer the questions that I had before Week 1.

Master D.

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