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Please say a prayer for everyone affected by Hurricane Irma.  And now onto the NFL. Well that happened!  Week 1 in the NFL happened and there were consequences!  The Patriots lost!  Heck yeah.  There were definitely consequences.   And what is up with the concept of the NFL quarterback?  The danger is that the quarterback may be dying.  The reality is that if you do not have one you do not have a chance.  Really?

A Sunday Win

By the grace of divine Providence I won on Sunday.  This works out for my editor but plays indecently to my opponent.   It is so weird to be blessed with an early victory but this season is cray-cray.   I can tell by the quality QBs lacking in offense.  What the Frick is going on?  It has come to pass that the NFL has become near, almost relevant.  Heck the system is filled with teams concerned about the present (LA) and the future (Las Vegas).  I have a terrible team but I won.  The next stage is more important than the next.

Dear Diary

It has come to pass that the Virginator is in over his head.  Heck I love the concept of Fantasy Football but it is all coming up 6s and 7s.  That is just a small acknowledgement to the NFL. The chaos where the Patriots lose and the LA Rams win in the opening weekend is just too much.  But nonetheless I cannot let the present portray aspects of reality that are untoward!

Get me a proper QB and maybe I will find one.  Today there is none to find as all QBs are struggling.

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