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Week one happened and well it went as most first weeks of the NFL seasons past.  There were surprises and there were disappointments. My week hangs on the talents of QB Jared Goff.  If he goes crazy, I lose. So I wait and ponder my fate as most owners do. But let’s get to my team’s performance up until now.

Thursday Good Fortune

Due to travel I found myself slumbering while the Thursday Night Football game was on.  Will RB Jay Ajayi find the end zone and is WR Julio Jones still Julio Jones? I awoke Friday with 47 points from their combined performances and things are looking up.  To cement the victory I just need QB Deshaun Watson to throw a couple of TDs (uh oh). I just need QB Aaron Rodgers to throw to new TE Jimmy Graham like Brady throws to “Gronk” (double uh oh).  So I wait.

In the end, QB Jared Goff could not go crazy enough and I start the year 1-0.  I have to fill some holes but a 134 burger for my team is a great performance.  

Your Homework Assignment

Since school is back in full swing the time has come to do some homework.  First, go to the website and register if you haven’t already.  Then on the right hand side you can bring up articles based upon categories. Choose the category of Waivers and shore up your team if you have injuries.  Shore up your team if you have disappointments. Be on the lookout and prepare for the future. That is all that is guaranteed for the NFL. The next week is the next week. But sometimes it is about looking at the recent past.

My diary entry is about the places I went as a milestone birthday comes to the Virginator.

Dear Diary

What do you do when you turn 50?  I asked that question earlier this year and came up with a long weekend in Rapid City South Dakota to see Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse Memorial, and Custer State Park.  So I got these off of my bucket list and it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Here are some takeaways.

Mount Rushmore is way better in person than any book or picture.  Only seeing it in person can do it any justice. It was the first National Park experience where everything from the winding uphill climb from Keystone to the parking lot to the presentation of the mountain is actually fantastic.

The Crazy Horse Memorial is 7 miles from Mount Rushmore and it is quite the undertaking.  When all is said and done there will be the largest monument statue in the world overlooking a University.  The odds are that it will not happen in my lifetime but things are looking good for fifty years from now. All of the funding is private and there is not enough room in my article to relay the incredible story.  So please look it up when you can.

Custer State Park is 2 miles from Crazy Horse and it is nature on display from the safety of your vehicle. You may think I am kidding but this is not the case.  Hey now, people have died in this park from run-ins with one or more of the 1,300 bison which reside within the magnificent and breathtaking Black Hills landscape.  The prairie dog population blends right in and you have to pause to realize how many there are.

Never forget your bucket list.  It is yours. It belongs to you and you alone.

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