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It is the third week of the NFL season you see things you like. Like anyone on my team in the AFC West other than the Los Angeles Chargers. It is the third week of the NFL season and you see things you don’t like. Hmmm.. boy if your offense, particularly your offensive line stinks, your skill players get no points. But it is much too early and it is now time to talk about the segment of Contender vs. Pretender. Sometimes contenders win it all. It is amazing how much the season changes.

2-0 Who Is a Contender? Who Is a Pretender?

Ever since Miami went perfect in 1972 all through the season and the playoffs to win it all, football fans wonder will another perfect undefeated season happen again. If it does you have to begin the year 2-0.

This year, there are five teams that are 2-0 because Miami is 1-0 due to Hurricane Irma. Last year there were nine at this time. In the AFC Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Kansas City and Oakland appear to be contenders. Denver appears to be pretenders and as for Miami we do not have enough information. In the NFC Atlanta and Detroit appear to be contenders. Carolina appears as the pretender. My week begins with my second-earliest survivor departure in the history of survivor articles.

Stepping In It

My team had a horrible week highlighted by Jordy Nelson going for zero with a quad issue and Jimmy Graham going for one point with an ankle. I hope both players get better soon! Uh oh. The best player on my team was my kicker Matt Bryant, with 16 points. The second best was my defense with Kansas City going for 14 points. You have got to be kidding me.

But it wouldn’t have mattered as when you step in it the process alludes to their skill players scoring and scoring often. It is a complete embarrassment when two players on your opponents’ team named Tom Brady and Kareem Hunt go for 65 points. Those two dudes beat my whole team! My whole team! That is stepping in it which is being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

My team is very mediocre but this is why we have this website! Watch as I scour this cornucopia of information and battle for supremacy. I am now 1-1. However the offenses of my skill players consist of injuries or teams like Arizona and Carolina and Seattle. Yuck!

My diary entry is all about the Boston Red Sox. I do write about them every year at this time. This year is more of the same unfortunately.

Dear Diary

Before I get on with my Red Sox reflection, I would like to pause and say a few brief things about Hurricane Irma.

As far as my second week article goes I have a confession to make. I wrote it under the duress of Hurricane Irma from Orlando as I actually was in the path of the Hurricane celebrating my birthday. In fact it turned out to be a complete surprise as good friends Manny and Karen flew in from Indiana for my birthday. They flew in on a plane of 40 others into Orlando to surprise us. The lack of attendance insists that they were going in the wrong direction so that gesture will not be forgotten. We even got to see local friends Pete and Denise and Tony. We are so grateful to have good friends like this with the sword of Damocles that was Irma on our doorstep and messing around with our vacation. Godspeed to all of you.

In the end we got home safely. However, my thoughts and prayers are with all the people we left behind who are still suffering. I would like to thank the staff of the Walt Disney World resort for making our stay as comfortable as possible. We did not lose power, thus proving the “Walt Disney World Hurricane Biosphere” exists in ways you could only imagine. So let us get on with the Red Sox show.

I always use this article to reflect on the Red Sox season and either talk about the playoffs to be or the causes related to the Red Sox not making the playoffs. This year the Red Sox are first in the American League East which is to say yay! But the team is the third best team in the American League division leaders with 86 wins and 64 losses which is to say booo!

The team is battling with the New York Yankees for the division. The chances are decent that unless one of them swoons down the stretch they will both make the playoffs. But you want to win the division because if you do not, you will be the Wild Card and that is a one-and-done scenario.

The Red Sox have Chris Sale, who up until recently had been pitching lights out. Hopefully he turns his year around and the Red Sox cruise into the playoffs. If he does not the Red Sox could cruise into that Wild Card game or out of the playoffs altogether.

The Red Sox have acquired talent through acquisition like Eduardo Nunez and calling up 19-year-old Rafael Devers. This has pushed them to the top. But the clubhouse is restless and the team chemistry is not the same since the loss of David Ortiz.

Do you know what this means? Stay tuned.

Master D.

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