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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin – Week 3

It is the second week of the NFL season you see things you like. Hmmm, let me see, how about that QB Carson Palmer? It is the second week of the NFL season and you see things you don’t like. How about the whole Philadelphia Eagles offense?

It’s now time to talk about contenders vs pretenders. Sometimes contenders win it all. It is amazing how much the season changes.

2-0 Who Is a Contender? Who Is a Pretender?

Ever since Miami went perfect all through the season and the playoffs back in 1972 to win it all, football fans wonder will another perfect undefeated season happen again. If it does, you have to begin the year 2-0.

This year, there are nine teams that are 2-0. Last year there were six at this time. In the AFC, New England and Denver appear to be contenders. Cincinnati and New York appear to be pretenders. In the NFC, the Green Bay and Carolina appear to be contenders. Dallas lost their QB Tony Romo and Atlanta along with Arizona appear to be pretenders.

My week begins with my second earliest survivor departure in the history of survivor articles.

Survive This!

Survivor is playing the games from a tipping standpoint. If the New Orleans Saints hosting rookie Jameis Winston and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is not a game on a survivor platter, I don’t know what is! Well apparently, I don’t know what is because I chose that game and I am out of survivor again. Come on!

Stepping In It

My team had an average week. And my opponent did not. This time it was the combination of DeAngelo Williams and Terrance Williams. I am certain they are unrelated but this Williams combination was the difference in me winning or losing with 48 points to my combination of Joseph Randle and Demaryius Thomas. Everyone else performed adequately but I needed to be a bit more even to get through this week unscathed.

My team is very mediocre but this is why we have this website! Watch as I scour this cornucopia of information and battle back to .500. I am now 0-2.

My diary entry is all about the Red Sox. I do write about them every year at this time. This year is more of the same, unfortunately.


Dear Diary

I always use this article to reflect on the Red Sox season and either talk about the playoffs to be or the causes related to the Red Sox not making the playoffs. This year the Red Sox have the worst record in the AL East, again. Wait a second. How did this happen?.

The 2015 version of the Red Sox came right out of the gate with an 8-0 victory in Philadelphia against the Phillies. Then before you know it they lose 12 out of 15 and cannot find starting pitching along the way.

Somehow they went all youth with the youngest team up the middle in baseball and they are only 6 games under .500. While mathematically still in it I am afraid statistically it is just not the same. Only if they could win the last 15 games! That sounds like a desperate fan and I just cannot be that.

I’ve been a Red Sox fan since 1975 when I met Carlton Fisk. We have had some highs and we have had some lows. I am asking too much considering the pain of all the fans born after 1918 who may not have experienced 2004 let alone2007 and 2013.

I guess that means there is always next year. Where have I heard that before?

Master D.

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