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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin – Week 4

Week 4 has arrived in the land of the NFL and the first 3 weeks have been everything from normal with the World Champion Patriots getting out to a dominant 3-0 start to the befuddled New Orleans Saints starting out the year 0-3.

Scoring Is Up This year

So, I continued the tradition which I started a few years back. I have entered into a spreadsheet every score for the first 2 weeks of the 2012, 2013, 2014, and now 2015 seasons. The result is that the scoring is better than last year. But this is not with the help of The Indianapolis Colts mind you, but the Patriots are stomping on their opponents.

Carson Palmer is proving that when he is healthy, there is no fluke in his QB play whatsoever. The Cardinals have an impressive 126 points through the first 3 weeks and the Patriots are a close second with 119. After these two teams it is the Bills at 100 and then it drops again. When scoring is up it means fun times in the fantasy football world because everyone loves Red Zone and that means there is action o’plenty to be had.

Is That What A Victory Feels Like?

For my Cromwell Demolition Fantasy Football squad, I benched RB Joseph Randle for RB Devonta Freeman. Take that! And the performances of my other players were impressive enough to win for the first time this year making me 1-2. My team may have a second life because I picked up RB Chris Johnson and he appears to be fitting in to the plans of the Arizona Cardinals.

This week’s diary entry is about saying goodbye to Summer.

Dear Diary

The Summer has gone. It is not coming back through that door until June, 2016. Children are adjusting to school and their new schedules. All signs are pointing toward a crisp Fall.

I see orchards filling up with families and the apples are smaller this year but sweeter than ever. I noticed that there is this new period of decorating called “Harvest” or something along those lines. The house becomes filled with all things in the tradition of Fall like pumpkins and gourds and mums.

Enjoy and smile for life is that short.

Master D.

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