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This is the third week in a row where I open up my article with incredible sadness. This time caused by the violent shooting in Las Vegas. Please keep everyone in your thoughts and prayers. Sometimes words cannot describe the incredibly disconsolate feelings we are overtaken with in times like these so no platitudes are proffered.

Welcome to Week 5. It is another wild week in the NFL. Teams who could not score now can (see Carolina on the road!). Teams who normally can score now cannot (see Atlanta at its new fancy home!). How did we get to this point? Predicting the NFL is becoming a fool’s errand. It probably was like that all along. But my week begins with my departure from Survivor.

Survive This!

So I get to the fourth week and I am dodging Survivor Land Mines all throughout this early season. I can choose between New England and Atlanta. These both appear to me as no-brainers because Cam Newton went for nine points last week at home. Nine! And New England is at home. But I considered it a trap game so I went with Atlanta because Atlanta is playing in that shiny new Mercedes-Benz Stadium and are playing against Buffalo. I suffer double-trap and I am out of survivor. Oh the humanity! Will I ever get through a double-digit Survivor performance? I guess there is always next year. Note: We do reset Survivor points on this website so I will still try. Maybe there will be a comeback. Stay tuned. Speaking of staying tuned, I have to admit to a close loss.

My Country for Five Points

Five points should be easy. If Jimmy Graham, Demaryius Thomas, LeGarrette Blount or Allen Hurns finds the end zone this week, that is six points and I win. But none of them do and to add insult to injury I picked up the Cincinnati defense for some easy points but my opponent matched me with the Detroit defense. My best player was left on the bench in the newly acquired Deshaun Watson. So I have that going for me but at 2-2 I am going to miss this victory come the end of the year. I am not 4-0 and I am not 0-4 but right in the middle where kind of the NFL statistical wonks want you to be. The nerve!

Taking Stock in Your Team

This is now Week 5 and through the first four weeks you can take stock in your fantasy football team. In my league draft, David Johnson went in the first round. Your ability to react and adjust to these issues will make a statement about the future of your fantasy football season. Keep on rolling through the available free agents. One of the free agents currently out there will help a team and help you forget why your draft day triumph is your daft bet today. How Watson was available two weeks ago I do not know. How about Philadelphia running back Wendell Smallwood? Keep grabbing for free agents and see if they can turn your team in to something better. The future could be bright so just comb those free agents. My diary entry is about two great October things – the President’s Cup and the Boston Red Sox.

Dear Diary

Oh, those Red Sox waited until the second-to-last game of the year but last Saturday they found a way to get first place in the American League East for the second consecutive year in a row, for the first time in franchise history, and now they take their act to a very skilled and complete Houston team. Saying, “Houston Astros” and “American league” just seems so foreign to me. The battle that the Houston Astros had with the New York Mets in 1986 was epic! But now they are in the American League and I have to get used to it. Houston is quite good with George Springer leading off with 34 home runs. He has Connecticut ties so we watch and admire but hope that the Sox can pull it out anyway.

This is a Best-of-5 series and last year they were unceremoniously swept out of the series by the eventual representative of the AL in the World Series, the Cleveland Indians. The Sox have Chris Sale, who had 308 strikeouts this season second only to Pedro Martinez in franchise history. And in response to the Andrew Miller situation from last year, the Red Sox have placed David Price in the bullpen who has been on point commanding all of his pitches and making first reliever the bridge to an outstanding bullpen. Let’s see how it all goes down.

I will be watching.

Speaking of watching did you take in the President’s Cup at Liberty National in New Jersey over the weekend?

I love golf. There. I said it before and I have now said it again. I have been hitting golf balls since a fateful April weekend in 1986 where I witnessed on television the back nine at Augusta and the last major win for 46-year-old Jack Nicklaus. I went out that afternoon and took out an old set of clubs from my cousin and hit 9 irons for the first time.

Now it is 31 years later and the Americans came out charging. They almost clinched the Presidents Cup on Day 2 taking a 14½ to 3½ lead. The U.S. only needed 15½ points to secure the cup and they did on Sunday. The course and its vistas were resplendent with the New York City skyline in the background.

There was something mesmerizing about the Statue Of Liberty and One World Trade Center being within view of the golf shots.

Master D.

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