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Week 5 in the NFL and chaos is happening all over the league.  The Dolphins looked like a team that was 0-3 instead of 3-0 against the Patriots.  The Indianapolis Colts went for it on 4th down in overtime and then lost rather quickly and unceremoniously. Atlanta just cannot seem to get out of their own way. Oh the list could go on and on and on.  But why bother?  We are all in this together and this version of my team is doing alright.

Big Days for Cincinnati and Houston and Atlanta

Winning Fantasy Football games do involve a decent amount of luck.  For me that luck came in the form of Deshaun Watson, Giovani Bernard, and Julio Jones.  The wide-open offenses of these three teams lead me to 88 combined points from those three players alone.  But my opponent countered with Tom Brady, Todd Gurley, and Amari Cooper.  Yikes.  They combined for 78 points.  And the difference was 11 points in my favor so I am now 4-0 on the season.  I am not looking for a loss but these times are getting weird.  Just starting one other player on my bench could have lost me the game.  So always be on the lookout for a Calvin Ridley as that could make the rest of your year.  For me I need to find a backup kicker and get a cheap DST for an upcoming bye week.  Your goal is to always look forward, so measure your Fantasy Football Team.

Investigating Your Team – Deep Dive

This is now Week 5 and through the first 4 weeks you can take stock in your Fantasy Football team. In my league draft Le’Veon Bell went in the first round due to auto-pick misgivings. The team you have today will not be the team you have in the last week of the Fantasy Football season. The Fantasy Football season is measured in teaspoons. You just have to keep scouring the free agent list and pick backups and double backups and dropping your poor performers. The future could be really bright so just comb those free agents and you may get the next Giovani Bernard even if you are renting just for a week or two. The points still count the same.. My diary entry is about this time of year. The Ryder Cup.

Dear Diary

Did you take in the Ryder Cup at Le Golf National, Paris, France, over the weekend? You see, I love the Ryder Cup. Very singular athletes dedicated to a singular minded sport come together to form a team.  It is Team Europe vs Team America. On paper the United States was favored by having the best rankings of the players in the world.  So what happened?  If you did not watch it you did not miss much.

Despite starting out 3-1 on the opening four matches day one, the US went on to only earn 7 ½ more points out of a possibility of 24 more to be had. In the end Team Europe took back the Ryder Cup with a score of 17 ½ to 10 ½ . It was ugly and we make no excuses. The US Ryder Cup team seems more out-of-synch on European soil than ever before.

Team Europe seems to play every Ryder Cup at a venue that their tour plays every year. Oh. It is dressed up and the Golf crowds were more spectacular than ever but  the US team struggled to get anything going. In two year’s it will be at Whistling Straits which is not a regular stop on the PGA tour; I think this plays a role in the ability for the US to understand, play, and win the Ryder Cup.

Back to the drawing board Team USA.

Master D.

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