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Week 5 in the NFL and much has happened since I penned my last article. The Tennessee Titans tested positive for Covid-19 and so many team members followed over the next few days, the game was postponed. This meant if you had any Pittsburgh Steelers or Tennessee Titans players on your team, they were placed into a Bye week that will be made up in Week 7. Note from a Fantasy point of view the future points are not retroactive to this week so you are on your own when it comes to finding replacements.

Then the shocker of the week was announced that QB Cam Newton of the Patriots tested positive for Covid-19 and the game was moved to a Monday Night game if there were no more positive tests. There were no more positive tests and the game was played Monday night. Covid-19 in the NFL seems to be a fluid situation so buckle your seats for a bumpy ride. My team is ahead but waiting for Monday night performances by Tyreek Hill and Hayden Hurst. But first, let us talk about what to do as a commissioner in these trying times.

Covid-19 Rules Commissioner Speaks Out

With all the changes in the NFL due to Covid-19, the only groups affected were those teams that had players on the Titans, Steelers, Chiefs, and Patriots. One of the possibilities was that both games would have been canceled. Fortunately, only one was canceled but as Commissioner what did you do to prepare? This is what was done in my league. Do you have any Tennessee Titans or Pittsburgh Steelers on your team? You get to move them to the injured list so roster spots could be opened up for replacement players. Did you have any Patriots or Chiefs players on your team? You play them and then designate a bench player who could take over in the event that the game did not play. All of this had to be decided before 1 pm on Sunday so it became an informational weekend when normally it is just set it and forget it. You have to keep on your toes this year so just roll with it.

My diary entry is about the next shoe to drop…or not.

Dear Diary

The last week in the NFL proved that everything is OK until it isn’t. The league initiated its protocols and the week happened. But now we are at the point where the temperatures across the country start to go down and everyone retreats inside for all things. This means flu season usually but we are a country within a pandemic. That can only mean one thing: close contact and Covid-19 are always lurking around.

Covid-19 cannot be seen and it appears to be elusive. The Tennessee Titans had no less than 18 personnel on the sidelines and in the game against the Vikings two weeks ago and none of the Vikings tested positive for Covid-19.

The Patriots Quarterback Cam Newton tested positive but no player tested positive over the next 2 days though just out today, Stephon Gilmore and a Patriots practice squad player have tested positive. I feel as though all of us are on pins and needles waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Or maybe it won’t.

Let us go boldly into the unknown.

Master D.

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