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It is week 6 of the NFL season.  I have turned over my team completely as it is time to go-big or go-home.  My starters are brand new to my team.  I have dropped several players and I am going to go for it as it has come time to rule or get smooshed.  So my team begins again.  It is what I like to call..

The Revenge of the Draft

So there is an auto-bot writer at MyFantasyLeague.  It writes pap and common clichés and for the most part it is nothing more than entertainment.  Well after the draft, the auto-bot declared that I would average 78 points per week and declared my draft results to be 10th best out of 10 teams.  Gee whiz I love those auto-bot writers because there is a real human behind my team and unbeknownst to the bot I am playing chess and the auto-bot is playing checkers.  So I reset my team and this week my team went for a respectable 139 points.  By the way my team was only supposed to get 89.76 (that is kind of specific eh?).  How can this be?  Let me relay to you the moves I made and by the way, these players are probably still available in your league so you can make the same moves as well.

Canvas That Free Agent List

So I may have been too early to quit on Cam Newton but that is OK.  I will have him in my back pocket until Deshaun Watson stops throwing down 40-burgers.  Deshaun went for 48 points this week in a losing cause but I also picked up his wide receiver Will Fuller and then added tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins.  It is nervy stuff to start dudes like this.  For example, the auto-bot stated that Deshaun Watson would go for 16.6 points (still I do not get this specificity) but he goes for a 48-burger!  Will Fuller was to go for 7.7 points but he went for 19.  And Seferian-Jenkins goes for 14, rounding out my team on its way to victory.  I am now 3-2 and I turned over 6 of my 8 roster starters as Jordy Nelson and Pierre Garcon were the only players on my team this week from draft day.  It is go time people.  Make those moves and improve your team today.

The Sea Change Is In Place

The season turns this week.  The NFL is always begging for every team to be around .500.  The Fantasy Football gods want you to be 3-2 (what I am) or 2-3 and why is that?  It is because the statistical and infamous and shameful word of parity.  Hold down team salaries with a salary cap in order to avoid too many stars.  Roll over the teams through a draft system that rewards losing with higher draft picks and have free agency.  This results in an “even-steven” parity.

This should be enough to make the league even.  But what happens when it isn’t?  Well you should just sit back and be quiet but that is never usually the case.  And the owners of the NFL teams are billionaires.  That must be like herding cats if you ask me.  The team structure must reflect the ownership and many owners reach for the “now”.  So your turn is now.  Consider Deshaun Watson.  How many 40-burgers can you leave on the table?  My article is about the end of the Red Sox Season.

Dear Diary

So the Red Sox put all of the pieces in place to force a Game 5 in Houston.  But Chris Sale gave up a tying home run and Craig Kimbrel allowed the hits to put Houston over the top.  The Houston Astros were just so talented and it was apparent from the first game that this would have to be a series where the Red Sox needed more than their arsenal.  They were going to need luck.

But no luck was to be had and in the end, a broken and battered Dustin Pedroia grounded out to end the game and followed up his 2016 batting average of .167 with a batting average of .182.  The game is really hard and Dustin is the real face of the struggles the Red Sox had this year.

They were talented enough to win the A.L. East but just not quite right to make a magical run in October.  I still love the team and the young talent they have acquired.  But they have to go from being young and talented to being a winner.

There is always next year.

Master D.

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