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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin – Week 5

Temerity – the short definition is boldness. This week is filled with boldness as I take you on a whirlwind virginator tour to .500. Someone turned on the A/C outside in New England. Winter is coming and by the way it simply does not matter what you think because it is happening anyway. But this is the lynchpin week in fantasy football shenanigans. All that happens just so happens from here on out. The pawns have been taken out on the chessboard. The tide has gone out. Are you wearing any pants?

Temerity is Sitting Calvin Johnson for Devonta Freeman

Yes. You heard that right. I actually sat WR Calvin Johnson a.k.a. “Megatron” this weekend. I have heard all the calls. I have heard all of the demons of the past. But today is the present. Devonta Freeman goes for a tidy 37 points and Calvin Johnson is forgotten. This does not mean that Calvin Johnson is not Calvin Johnson. It just appears that Calvin Johnson has been abducted by aliens and replaced with the Calvin Johnson that gets 5 Pts, 24 pts (thank you) and 15 points the first 3 weeks. The problem is that none of those equal 37 points so … buh-bye. Since it is the 20th anniversary of ‘N Synch, how about bye bye bye!

Former ‘N Synch member Justin Timberlake.

The Result

The Cromwell Demolition has come to .500. I will have egg on my face if K Steven Hauschka goes for 49 points but I am good with going out on a limb and saying that is an improbability. My Fantasy team scored the most in the league this week and signs are looking up. But it is consistency I worry about. Just ask the owners of QB Andrew Luck! But I have to reiterate a meme of sorts.

The Fantasy Football Season Turns Now

I have learned something over the years even though I play the role of Virginator. The first two weeks of October mark the beginning of an NFL trend and if you acquire the right player(s) down the stretch, winning your fantasy football league will be your outcome. If you don’t trust me, other league participants will. Now is the time when you know where you stand. If you are 4-0 … this means something. If you are 0-4 this means something. The NFL along with fantasy football wants you to be 2-2 and that also means something. Scour the rosters and depth charts of the teams and find yourself a WR like Dontrelle Inman. With all the injuries at this time of year the backup guy sometimes wins it all for you. Just as the Fantasy Football Champion who picked up Nick Foles in our league 2 years ago!

As usual, this article is about the hometown team.


Dear Diary

The New England Patriots were on a bye week. They rolled into the bye week with a chip on their shoulder and a sprightly 3-0 record. The organization of the offense and the organization of the defense have gotten together earlier this year than the last few seasons.

One year ago this week, the Patriots were left for dead after a very difficult game with the Kansas City Chiefs which saw a lopsided loss and the declaration of the end of QB Tom Brady.

And then yada yada yada, the New England Patriots win the Super Bowl and everyone realizes that something goes on in New England that doesn’t happen elsewhere. I can look at this from afar because I am just not a fan of the New England Patriots. Even though I am from New England, I just did not like their football team while growing up.

Who cares what team I was brainwashed to follow by my mom, but needless to say, it was not the Patriots. However, that does not mean they deserve less respect or accolade. On this very dialogue I mentioned that Brady was on the back 9 after he lost his second Super Bowl in a row.

What is the back 9? It is exactly what was seen in this last year’s Super Bowl. If Brady does not throw 2 interceptions and the Patriots score on those possessions, the game is a blowout. But he did and his 4th quarter was impeccable and it required a Malcolm Butler heroic instance to seal the deal.

That is the back 9 of Tom Brady.

The New England Patriots hype last year was warranted. This year it is about revenge and revenge is emotional and emotions lead to fear and fear leads to anger and anger leads to hate and hate leads to … when is that new Star Wars movie coming out in December?

Master D.

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