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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin – Week 7

Week 7 has arrived. It is a fantasy check point in the year. Are you 6-0? Are you 3-3? Are you 0-6? Or are you somewhere in between? The statistics around fantasy football are intended to make your average fantasy football team 3-3. In my 10-team league there were 5 teams under .500 and 5 teams over .500. Those teams doing well have QB Tom Brady and TE Rob Gronkowski which means points…points…points! The team with the most points wins every week. It is really that simple. But I start off today with a rarity. The Sunday win!

The Sunday Win

It happens when you and your opponent have no players in the Monday Night Football game. But the decision comes by Sunday night and this week I have the Sunday win. On very strong performances by RB Devonta Freeman WR Keenan Allen and QB Aaron Rodgers I am back at .500. Will I get over .500? That will be next week’s story. My 3 wins this year have only happened when I bench WR Calvin Johnson. What is up with that? My diary entry is all things cold.

Dear Diary

Hey. That was a snow shower in New England? What is up with that? That means winter is coming quickly. But I did get a Sunday win and things are looking up at 3-3. It may be the end of 80-degree days.

Master D.

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