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What a week to be alive in New England. I am naturally talking about the foliage. Nature has brought to New England a vivid portrait of crimson reds, burnt oranges, lemon yellows, and everything in between. The last leaves to change are the mighty oak so the green you see just offsets all those colors and makes it resplendent. Don’t you dare try to rent an automobile. But with Uber and Lyft, maybe you can have someone drive you around to see Mother Nature’s fireworks. My fireworks begin with the longest ride on Survivor in awhile but it alas came to an end.

Survive This

I always believe in trap games for Survivor. The trap game for me this week came down to a choice of the Pittsburgh Steelers on the road and the Buffalo Bills at home. My first inclination was to take the Buffalo Bills because San Francisco does not travel easterly and Buffalo is due. So I go with the Pittsburgh Steelers at the Miami Dolphins and I see the vaunted Pittsburgh offense and their gaudy 4-1 record get thrown by the wayside with a win by the 1-4 Miami Dolphins. This is why survivor is easy and hard at the same time. Well, hopefully, I last longer next year. Now it is on to my week and I need RB David Johnson to go for less than 23 points.

Yes, I Have Odell Beckam Jr. on my Team

That is what you do when you see the outrageous numbers put up by the beguiling WR of the New York Giants. The numbers are way up, but last week they were way down. My opponent counteracted with a 3-headed attack of WR Julio Jones, WR Amari Cooper, and RB David Johnson. David has gone for 23 or more points 40% of the time. The New York Jets have averaged a little shy of 20 fantasy points allowed to RBs this year. Something has to give and it sure did. David Johnson had 21 points in the first half alone and I have a disappointing loss to bring my record to 4-2. I am going to want this win 6 weeks from now.

My diary entry is about the Red Sox season ending and the Leafles.

Dear Diary

If you have been following this article, I have coined the word Leafles. In its spelled out form it is an affectionate mashup word for people who love leaves. Specifically, the kind that change color in the Fall. They show up right at this time and partake in the magnificence of Mother Nature. There is something about a landscape dotted with all the colors that just makes you smile. So a special New England welcome to the Leafles.

And the colors may not last long this year due to a dry Summer but they are colorful nonetheless and peaking right now. I thank you for coming to our little New England area. I thank you for purchasing our crisp ripe apples picked from orchards. Or maybe you will try on an apple cobbler or apple pie. I thank you for taking on all the specialty gourds grown in our fields. If you are lucky enough, please stop by Sturbridge Village to see what it really was like to live in New England oh so many years ago. Soon it will all be gone and I guess so will you. So, until next year leaflesm and safe travels home I bid you adieu.

Now comes the tough part.

Oh, them Red Sox.

I would be remiss if I did not recap the playoffs of the Boston Red Sox but there is a good chance you have already forgotten that they were swept in the ALDS Monday October 10th by The Cleveland Indians who were skippered by ex-Red Sox skipper Terry “Tito” Francona.

Mr. Francona played as if Cleveland needed to win each game and like it was his last. As an example, Terry brought in their best reliever Andrew Miller in Game 1 in the 6th inning. Who was the first out of the bullpen for the Red Sox? Drew Pomeranz, who is not even our 4th best pitcher out of the pen and he promptly allowed 2 inherited runners to score.

Farrell loved this so much, Drew was the first pitcher out of the bullpen in the do or die game in Boston and he naturally gave up a 2-run home run to a RH batter. Everyone knows that Cocoa Crisp can only hurt you batting right handed in Fenway Park…I guess with the exception of John Farrell. John was looking for an offense that never came and the Red Sox lost both of those games by 1 run. Shame on you John Farrell for not playing to win as if each game was an elimination game and just like that the career of David Ortiz is over.

Master D.

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