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It is Week 7 and the second week of my shiny new Fantasy Football team.  QB Deshaun Watson is at the helm and RB Jerick McKinnon along WR Will Fuller fill in the blanks.  But is it enough this week?  Only time will tell as my opponent is going with three players on Monday Night Football.  So I will watch and wait and write and deposit this article on Tuesday AM.  So let us proceed with the show.  I start off my article with another celebration in Miami.

No More Undefeated Teams

It only took a 17-0 Miami Dolphin season to create the hysteria around an undefeated NFL team.  Now this happened in 1972 and back then there were only 17 games needed to accomplish an undefeated season.  Well of course, there are now more games and of course it hasn’t been done since.  But every year when the last undefeated team loses (like the Kansas City Chiefs did to the Pittsburgh Steelers at home this last week) there are rumors of get-togethers and socials of the teammates of the 1972 dolphins. This happens again for another year as they will be the lone representative of the only undefeated Football team in the NFL Championship Era.  I heard this never gets tiresome.  Since many of the players who were in their 20s in 1972 are now in their late 60s and 70s it must be a yearly ritual that just never gets old.  Until the next undefeated team comes along of course for as you know there is always next year.  Speaking of next my team is hanging out waiting for a Monday Night Football event.

Will I Win or Will I Lose?

So I patiently await the outcome of my week.  My opponent is down by 63 points but he has a QB, TE and RB all going in the Monday Night Football game.  The same three players at those positions on my side went for 75 points — so the comeback is possible.  But in the end, his trio managed a 40 burger and I find myself at 4-2.

My diary entry is about the toughest and gloriest part of the year.

Dear Diary

My article loves to write of the transition of the seasons. In New England what begins as a 30 degree overnight frost leads to a 30-inch snow storm in the middle of January.  But what we abandon is the sunlight as every day during this transition, we will lose 2-4 minutes of sunlight right up until December 21.

Some people get depressed.   There is actually a term for this, it is called Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.)  Moods get moodier and there appear to be lamps that can offset this feeling but I can see it happening now amongst people I know.  There just seems to be a noticeable reaction to the dark and gloomy days with no sun and if you add in some overnight temps in the 30s and 40s you have yourself a disaffected individual.

Well that is why Football is here my friends.  Following a Football Team or a Football Season gets you the highs like witnessing an epic win like the comeback pulled off by the Miami Dolphins and the realization that you are one hit away like Aaron Rodgers from losing the season and losing the year.

Master D.

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