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Week 7 has arrived and the Virginator has yet to lose this year.  Steady doses of Deshaun Watson and Will Fuller IV in the beginning of the year have given way to Matt Ryan and Julio Jones lately.  Just keep the wheel turning and keep the lineup burning.  As a special edition this week I will try to give insight into how a typical Virginator lineup works and then let you know about my week.

How To Prepare Your Team

The creation of a fantasy football team is a gathering of very loose and unrelated data points within a larger set of a population. All of the data points have a value in terms of their offensive prowess. You do get points for a defensive team but let us leave them out of the picture for now. What I am talking about is how you naturally understand this when QB Patrick Mahomes goes for a 36 Burger on Sunday Night Football. How cool was that? You do not care if the data point produces a win for that team or a loss just as long as they are making burgers … umm I mean a lot of points for your fantasy team. That is where the O.O.D.A. loop comes into effect.

Did you ever watch the movie Top Gear? If you have not do not worry for Hollywood is making another with Ryan Gosling and I am sure it will be fantastic. It will give the folks a little bit of insight into the mind of Flight Instructor John Boyd. John invented the O.O.D.A. loop and it is real. Just Google “John Boyd ooda loop”. Just Observe Orient Decide Act. So let us look at a Fantasy Football team owner every Monday Night after the football game applying this loop. Right now I would like to take this time to apologize to the military science experts in the audience if you are offended by the simplicity. This is the Diary of a Fantasy Virgin.  You knew what you were getting into. So let us get back at it.

Observe – I lost my game this week because WR Jarvis Landry went for a 3 Bagel.

Orient – I want to win so I go to and look at their Waiver Wire Wonders article by Doug Coutts so I can re-orient my team.

Decide – I decide to add players to replace my poorly performing Fantasy Football lineup.  These Bagel bakers are making me lose!

Act – I look at The Prognosticator article by Tony Holm and I play the players on the hot teams and sit the ones on the cold teams as best I can.

Rinse and Repeat!  Rinse and Repeat!  Let us do a real-life example, shall we? It even applies to making a choice between two quarterbacks.

Applying The OODA Loop To Last Week

In the previous 4 weeks, I Observe QB Deshaun Watson has delivered subsequent weeks of 29 Burger, 32 Burger, 38 Burger, and 26 Burger. That is plenty o’ Burgers, my friends, how should I Orient my QB? My other QB is Matt Ryan. I go and see Tony Holm’s Prognosticator article and The Atlanta Falcons are at the top for passing this week.  I Decide Matt Ryan is a better possibility.  Then I Act and put Matt Ryan in my lineup and Matt Ryan goes for a 36 Burger and Deshaun Watson goes for a 10 Bagel.  I win for the sixth time this year and all I am doing is trying to OODA my way through.  I hope this works for you.

My diary entry is about the toughest and gloriest part of the year.

Dear Diary

My Diary entry this time of year stresses the changing of the seasons.  We are a little bit late in New England as we only broke our 80 degree days about a week ago. Who runs the A/C in October? Sometimes we do in New England I guess. This year has been really tough so I will bring me comfort to see the cerulean blue skies caused by Canadian high pressure. But beware if you live in the Northeast, those same skies presage a cold and sometimes harsh winter. But the transition is very enjoyable to say the least.

This part of the year focuses on the harvest. The pumpkin patch. The end of apple picking season. The preparation for Halloween festivities. The danger of wishing back that hot summer when there is a hint of snow in the air. I want to let Don Henley know that for adults this is the time we should lament the end of Summer. Why did that sun fall so quickly today?

Holy Schnikes!  I am driving home from work the dark!  The nerve.

And now you know why Football is here. To make it so you can cuddle up by the fireplace and scream your brains out. Or get the lunch special just like the good folks in Rapid City South Dakota do every Sunday at Paddy O’Neill’s while cheering for their team which appears to be the Minnesota Vikings.

Master D.

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