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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin – Week 6

Where have you gone Peyton Manning? Did someone abduct you and replace you with an alien who wins but cannot throw a touchdown? The top quarterback so far this year appears to be the New England Patriots Tom Brady. He throws for touchdowns. Heck, he even ran for a touchdown and this is the same guy immortalized by that 40-yard dash at the 2000 NFL Combine in a spiffy 5.28 seconds. Just type that into any web search engine and it will show you that quarterbacks are not in it for their legs. And if they are they do not have longevity. How did Fran Tarkenton last 18 seasons? But this week it is all about the Denver Broncos.

Looking For Peyton Manning? Mr. Peyton Manning? Hello?

There is a negative correlation in effect and when Peyton Manning is not throwing touchdowns, wide receiver Demaryius Thomas is not catching touchdowns and it just goes from bad to worse. Matthew Stafford was benched and a negative correlation plays out again for the likes of wide receivers Calvin Johnson and Golden Tate. It is happening all over the league, and with Jamaal Charles going down, injuries are going to cause you to think about the future of your team if any of your players are within arm’s length of struggling offenses.

I Fall Below .500 For The Third Time

The Cromwell Demolition, my fantasy football team is trying to scratch and claw its way over .500. After starting out the season 2-0, I got it back to .500 at 2-2. Now the problem with this is you have to win to get it over .500 or you have to win two more to get over .500 again. My team lost this week from the aforementioned Halo effect despite great performances by running back Devonta Freeman and the Green Bay Packers defense.

My diary entry is about them Leafles.

Dear Diary

I affectionately love to refer to the lovers of all things fall foliage related as “Leafles.” They are people who love fall leaves. And we have plenty of them showing up all over town. And I mean both. The people and the leaves.

Those of you unfamiliar with New England during the peak of foliage season are in for a treat if you ever get up here to check it out. Just like last year, a very warm September has created an attractive landscape.

In the immortal words of late New York Yankee great Yogi Berra … “it’s déjà vu all over again.”

Master D.

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