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New England saw some snow showers this last weekend. Winter is coming and the question is will my week begin with a win or a loss. Or will it begin with a zombie-like performance by the Denver Broncos. That does bring up the age old question. Is it offense or is it defense?

Defense vs Offense

My week comes down to the defense of the Houston Texans. If they perform like they have for ½ of the season, depending on how you look at it, I win! The other times they have had 15 or more points and if this happens I will lose. Which one was it? In the end it was The Denver Broncos offense that bring me victory. I am now officially 5-2 and turning it around. Sometimes it is offense instead of defense. Oh, also during this last weekend, the only remaining unbeaten team was defeated.

1972 Miami Dolphins Victory Celebration

With the Minnesota Vikings losing last week, the 1972 Miami Dolphins will remain the only undefeated team in NFL history. Sure there have been some close calls, but the Dolphins only once had to take it to a Super Bowl conclusion. There were even commercials written for an additional undefeated scenario but it did not come to pass. With each passing year it becomes more and more likely that the 1972 Dolphins will be the last team to be undefeated and that is a history of 1 for the modern NFL. Someday it should be done but in this modern era of free agency and salary caps it becomes increasingly difficult. Speaking of difficulty, what kind of season is it so far?

The NFL Season Is About Winning and Losing

I do like seeing how the landscape of the season is progressing going into week eight. Nothing is really learned about individual teams until Thanksgiving week, but the leagues do reveal how things are going at this time. The NFC has 9 teams over .500. The AFC has 7 teams over .500. This is just a barometric reading but it does prove again that the AFC could be the weaker overall conference. But last year it just did not matter as the Denver Broncos won impressively with a broken QB in Peyton Manning. I think this year the AFC could be even weaker. Only time will tell.

Dear Diary

Just like that we go from 80-degree days to 30-degree nights. Right on time winter is arriving. That means no more mowing the lawn…yay! That also means blowing snow … boo! Oh, speaking of boo, Halloween is one week away and the weather is cooperating as I remember trick or treating with more clothes on.

I also remember wearing those silly costumes with the masks that would make your face sweat. I believe I was the Devil or a Clown and my mother would purchase the costume at the local Caldor. Remember that place? The store would have these rows and rows of boxes with the plastic mask and flimsy material that you would throw over your clothing and go out with your friends. It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown was a must and it seemed to last a long time even though I know it is currently fit into the ½ hour time slot on ABC.

Good Times

Happy Halloween everyone!

Master D.

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